Cricket Helmet: The Safety Crown for the Match


    Cricket Batting Helmet

    Bring fire of success to your match the the ultimate safety. Cricket helmets are used for protection of the players in the game; as balls can travel at speeds more than 150kph, the risk of injury is high – cricket helmets work to prevent against this and are an essential piece of any cricket player’s kit bag!

    It is a wise requirement for all players to wear a cricket helmet. Players of all levels, including wicket keepers, batsmen, and close fielders, should always wear a cricket helmet as part of their safety equipment. You can be sure to find cricket helmet that fits your size, and give your game a seamless output by using ZAP cricket helmet - the greatest range of batting helmets online.We have made sure to include intricate details in our beautifully created cricket helmets to up your performance. Each helmet is made light weight to let your movements and rigour smooth. Find your best cricket helmets by exploring ZAP's new models.

    Our helmet is designed to provide improved air ventilation in addition to its superior built, which is essential specially in the humid and dry weather. Additionally, the grill's design enhances vision and allows rapid shot selection. You can be sure to always score six on that bouncer thanks to the assurance provided by the wonderful interior padding's excellent shock-absorbing capacity.  Presence of premium quality fabric's helps to drain away moisture while you play. The padding also gives a superior fit and prevents the helmet from unnecessary movement. This helmet's strap has a high degree of adjustment and is constructed of non-toxic material. In other words, this helmet takes care of everything so you can concentrate on the game and maintain the scoreboard.

    Don't take any chances with your safety on the field – choose ZAP's Cricket Helmet for the best protection and performance. Order yours today!

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    2 products