English Willow Cricket Bats: Dominate The Game


    English Willow Bats

    Since we handcrafted our first bat in 2015, we've been manufacturing bats that players can count on. Our top grade english bats give the power you need to maximise performance. ZAP's English WIllow Cricket Bats bring innovation to the field, from mid to low swell that is ideal for all-around stroke play-off to aerodynamic blade design provides faster bat swing by minimizing air friction. All you need to do is grab the bat and hit the ball.

    Ultra responsive ping
    To focus your attack, you'll want powerful pin on your bat. ZAP English Willow Bats  possess a huge sweet spot for maximum power and accuracy in strikes. Blade design is fine-tuned for quick bat swings and deliver a rapid response. These short handle robust units react to all kind of deliveries.

    Grip in every direction
    Additionally, you may play an omnidirectional inning thanks to the bat's super handy grip design. The cricket bat grip come in either chevron structure or newly constructed snakeskin design. You will never feel out of control of your bat with these grips on bat handle.

    Cricket Bat built for battle
    You will face many challenges during your long, arduous, and occasionally difficult cricket journey, but thanks to these excellent English Willow blades, you will overcome them all.These bats are the ideal fusion of modern innovation and classical power since they were built with a combative mentality. The imposing bat shape provides you a sweet spot in the middle of the blade for powerful & accurate striking. ZAP's English Willow bat will make your waggon wheel appear entirely full.

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