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    Cricket Keeping Pads

    A cricket kit would not be complete without cricket wicket keeping pads. Players typically wear cricket pads while they are batting. However, there is still another area where pads are required. When keeping wickets, wicket keepers must also wear wicket keeping pads. Batting pads and wicket keeping gloves are two different things. In comparison to batting pads, wicket keeping pads are different in size, form, and quality.

    Pads are a crucial component of protective gear for wicketkeepers. In contrast to earlier times, when pads were worn over trousers, players now wear wicket keeping pads underneath their pants. 

    Specifications for Wicket Keeping Pads

    The Face, which has several portions, is the biggest component of the wicket keeping pads. Because the face is segmented, the pad can wrap around the leg. Additionally, portions enable players to move around freely.

    Every wicket keeper's pad has a Knee Roll. The knee roll's primary function is to give the vulnerable knee joints additional protection. Additionally, it facilitates bending and flexing for athletes. Different cushioning materials are used to create knee rolls and wicket keeping pads.

    The Top Hat refers to the region of the wicket-keeping pad that is located above the knee roll. A top hat's function is to shield the upper thigh.

    Wings are absent from wicket keeping pads, in contrast to batting pads.

    In wicket-keeping gloves, the Straps are typically used to fasten the gloves around the legs. Velcro is used on contemporary wicket keeping pads to increase comfort and fit. Wicketkeeping gloves often feature two straps.

    ZAP wicket keeping pads are of the highest quality and offer players the most comfort, much like other accessories.

    The main characteristic of ZAP Cricket wicket keeping pads is that they are meticulously crafted by ZAP craftsmen who have years of experience bringing joy to cricket players and fans.

    ZAP offers ambidextrous wicket keeping pads in addition to right- and left-handed wicket keeping pads. No matter which hand the wicketkeeper uses most often, they can all wear these pads. High-density foam is used in the holsters of the lightweight ZAP wicket keeping pads, which also have mesh insteps to protect and comfort the wicket keepers. Shop your wicket keeping pad right away from ZAP.

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