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Fuel your innings by buying leather cricket bat online from ZAP Cricket. Our expertly made cricket bats are handcrafted to enable you to perform at your peak. Our cricket bats are created to maximise your performance and are inspired by some of the best players of all time. Each bat is constructed with balance and strength in mind. The revised blade design and ultra-grippy bat grip help you maintain control and adjust to the situation of play.

English Willow Cricket Bats

Find your new favourite willow cricket bat by exploring ZAP's new models. Select English Willow Cricket bats from the Vintage Series that are made for professional cricketers so you can play with confidence. Additionally, keep an eye out for English willow bats from the Classic Series with distinctive sweet spots that will help you deal with all kind of pitches.

Kashmir Willow Cricket Bats

Choose from a wide variety of Kashmir Willow Bats. We include field-specific improvements into our cricket bats. Your shots will have more power thanks to the responsiveness and impact uptake of the sustained sweet spot. You will have no trouble clearing the boundaries thanks to the thick edges and blade's contemporary shape. Our cricket bats features an angled toe that promotes play with both the front and back feet while maintaining proper weight distribution. With this lovely blade, pickup is extremely light. Purchase at the best cricket bat price available in the market. 

Tennis Cricket Bats

Fast-paced T20 cricket matches are ideal for our freshly created and unique Tennis cricket bats. Choose it if you want to play box cricket, indoor cricket, or outdoor cricket. Buy cricket bat (English Willow) from ZAP and you get a ZAP's 1 year limited cricket bat warranty so as to calm your nerves and you play without any hassle on the important match day.

Learn more about: ZAP 1 Year Limited Cricket Bat Warranty

The smallest things matter greatly when it comes to ZAP's cricket bats. A clear strike zone is provided by the large sweet spot, and the aerodynamic blades provide extremely light pickup. Choose the colourful Classic series and 3D overlay patterns with eye-catching lettering if you want to make a statement. Alternately, use the Vintage Series to stay traditional with dark hues and crisp neutrals. Find your new favourite leather cricket bat online from our new selection, and play the game with assurance every time you play.

27 products

27 products