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Your First Cricket Kit

Give your budding career a perfect start with ZAP Trainee Full Cricket Kit. This enormous storage capacity kitbag has all the attributes to become the first kit that you should own.

It has a split-fold open design, through which you can organize your gear systematically and in the perfect order.

This Kit comes packed with equipment including a Howzat Kitbag, a Pro Cricket Bat, a Batting Gloves, a Thigh Pad, a Batting Pad, a Cricket Helmet, an Elbow Guard and an Abdominal Guard, all the things that a player needs at the start of his/her career.

It comes with a versatile stand-up and lay flat design, which is ideal for those junior size locker rooms. The Multiple zipped compartment system allows you to store all the accessories with enough space for your wallet, keys, and phone. 

Young shoulders aren’t meant to lift a heavy load which is why our kit is made from lightweight fabric material for ensuring minimum strain and a quintessential body posture.

The Trainee Full Cricket Kit is the perfect possession for those who are starting out their careers in cricket.

Detailed Features

  • 1x Howzat Junior Kitbag, 1x Pro Kashmir Willow Bat, 1x Junior Batting Gloves, 1x Club Lite Batting Pad, 1x Club Lite Thigh Pad, 1x Club Elbow Guard, 1x Abdominal Guard, 1x Club Helmet
  • Premium Grade Kashmir Willow Bat
  • High-quality fabric material with a unique storage capacity
  • The waterproof nature of the material prevents any form of damage to the gears
  • Multiple Zipped Compartments for organized storage
  • Padded Straps provides additional comfort and ensures balance
  • Densely woven polyester gives strong support
  • 1 moulded shoe compartment, extra deep pockets for leg guards, and 1 helmet compartment
  • Scratch-proof surface with a separate section for cricket bat

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