ZAP Vintage Old Fangled 2 Star English Willow Bat

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A vintage icon and the foundation of the vintage collection. Featuring a retro shape with a flat face and more traditional profiling, the Old Fangled features a noticeable bow and lower sweet spot. The weight is distributed evenly, so this bat is an option for players just starting and social cricketers. The balance and feel of this bat are superior with its aerodynamic blade and ergonomic handle.
This bat will ensure you dominate at the crease whether you are looking to smash the ball into orbit or play deliberate strokes. 


  • Premium Grade 4 AAA English Willow
  • Partially concaved spine profile for balance control
  • Large edges and a central hitting zone provides both power and control
  • Dynamic sweet spot for all-round strokeplay
  • Spring cane, rubberized strip, and rounded handle construction offer improved control.
  • Mid to low blade swell
  • Angled Toe delivers a stable position while in your stance
  • Engraved branding on edges completes detailed design
  • Short Handle
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly bat poly wrap packaging
  • Conforms to MCC Law 5 bat regulations
  • Handmade by a proficient craftsman from Meerut, India
  • Weight Range: 1100 gm to 1220 gm 
    *Junior size (3,4,5) may have less weight than above range

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