ZAP Pro Cricket Catching Bat

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Upgrade your fielding game with ZAP Pro Cricket Catching Bat, the ultimate tool for improving your catching skills. Made with high-quality willow, these bats are perfect for training and mastering your techniques.

Coaches love the smaller training bat as it helps them drive the ball along the ground or hit it up in the air during practice sessions. You'll have an exhilarating experience that will enhance your fielding abilities.

These bats are versatile, durable, and suitable for any cricket ball. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, they're the go-to option for improving your cricket fielding skills and making those crucial catches that win you games.

Train your fielding and catching with this bat so that you take breathtaking watches on the field!

Detailed Features

  • Premium Kashmir Willow and foam pad combo ensures sky-high hits
  • Singapore cane handle provides shock absorption and jerk-free performance
  • Perfect for expert fielding drills and built to last with high density foam
  • Ideal for practising with both tennis and leather ball
  • Long handle and slip-resistant rubber grip ensure confident handling
  • Striking the ball with speed is made simpler by ultra high density foam
  • Color: Black

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