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Top Cricket Equipment from ZAP Sports

Are you looking for top-quality cricket equipment that can take your game to new heights? Are you passionate about cricket? If yes, then Welcome to ZAP Cricket, your ultimate destination for everything related to the sport. We specialize in providing every kind of equipment that you may need to grow from a budding cricketer to a legend of the game. Our products speak class with each product masterfully crafted which will not only help you climb the ladders of progress but also Dominate The Game in every aspect be it batting, bowling or fielding. 

Discover the Finest Cricket Bats:

All Cricket Bats at ZAP, are made with passion and enchanted with ferocity, class and elegance, because we feel that bats are not just a mere piece of willow but an extension of a batsman’s technique and style. So, whether you’re just playing for fun or striving to win matches for your team as a pro, ZAP’s bats give you the confidence and belief that you’re not just holding a willow in your hand but a formidable weapon that will help you perform fearlessly on the pitch.

And how do we do it?

Every cricket bat from ZAP is born as a result of a decade of relentless research and development, involving thousands of computer simulations to analyze aerodynamics, swing speeds, shot velocities, and the best thickness and design. This painstaking procedure guarantees the production of a superb bat, designed to perform magnificently in any scenario on the pitch.

Also, the bats are available in all sizes and can be used to play with both, the leather cricket ball and light and hard tennis balls. Sizes of the cricket bats available are Short Handle, Long Handle, Harrow, Size 6, Size 5, Size 4, Size 3. You can even select the weight of the bat before ordering it. You can have the weight be more than 1200 grams or less than 1199 grams. 

If you’re confused about which size to buy, you can check the Size Chart here.

English Willow Cricket Bats:

Made from the finest willow, The English Willow Bats deliver superior power, control, and balance, enabling you to play your best game. The bats are meticulously crafted from the best of best willow graded from 1 to 5 and subgraded from AAA to A, with the best willow quality being Grade 1AAA. 

Have a look at bats from each grade by clicking on the links below:
Grade 1 English Willow | Grade 2 English Willow | Grade 3 English Willow | Grade 4 English Willow | Grade 5 English Willow Cricket Bats.

The Royal Crown Series:

If you want to be amongst the elite and play with the Top 1% of the leather ball the bats in your hand, check out the Royal Crown English Willow Bat. Crafted with the best of best willow, the bat speaks class, and promises godly performance!

The Vintage Series:

The bats from the Vintage Series are made in a time-honoured way and are designed with the vintage style in mind. The bats in this collection offer unmatchable performance on the field and are one of the best English Willow cricket bats in the market. Batting will be an easy job on the pitch, you can score a hundred tons with a bat from the Vintage series in your hand. 

The Classic Series:

The Classic Series is for the young blood. Packed with power, balance and control these bats are built for power hitting in the T20s and the shorter formats of the game. Get your hands on these bats and become a batting monster on the field.

Customize your own bat:

If you're looking for a bat that is specially built only for you, from scratch and represents you as a whole on the pitch, use Customise your bat section to build a custom cricket bat for yourself. To learn how to do it, you can go through the Bat Your Way: Custom Cricket Bats by ZAP guide and carry on the process forward.

Premium Willow Cricket Bats:

ZAP remains at the forefront of research and innovation, driving the sporting industry forward by constantly exploring new horizons and seeking transformative opportunities. 

We’ve identified a new type of wood, which is 90% similar to English Willow but is comparatively affordable. The premium willow has every quality an ideal willow should have, perfectly straight grains, optimal moisture content. The wood comes with a high density which provides it with the strength and durability to help you do extremely well on the pitch.

Signature Premium Series:

For all the die hard cricket lovers out there, ZAP introduces the exclusive Signature Premium Willow Cricket Bats. All bats in The Signature series, the Signature Power 1000, The Signature Limited Edition and the Signature Rare Edition are crafted with ultimate perfection and are laser etched with a minimalist logo. To contribute to the climate we removed the Plastic Stickers on the bat. They are engineered with innovation in such a way that they suit all play styles and playing levels, be it that of an aggressive batsman or a defensive batsman or a youngster or a season pro.  

Join the ranks of countless aspiring youngsters and professionals who have embraced the Signature Series, propelling themselves up the cricket ladder. Experience first-hand the transformative power of ZAP's innovative approach and be a part of our ongoing journey to revolutionize and elevate the sport to new heights.

Kashmir Willow Cricket Bats:

The ZAP Kashmir Willow Cricket Bats are the best choice for beginners and youngsters who are just going to don the white uniform for the very first time in their lives. The bats are engineered to be lightweight, with a big sweetspot, and are built with care, and we’re sure that they’ll help you climb up the ladder and reach the summit pretty soon. 

So get your Kashmir Willow Bats, which are available in all sizes and start your journey now!

Tennis Cricket Bats:

Tennis ball cricket is a rising sporting phenomenon in the country and the never ending need to hit big sixes demands better, stronger and dynamic bats. Our lineup of Tennis Ball Cricket Bats, or bandook bats, include the Glaze Scoop, Bouncer Scoop, Invincible Power and Soft Power that are set to take your game to the next level!

Cricket Balls:

Leather Balls:

ZAP Leather Cricket Balls are the real deal. The leather balls can last over 80 overs and are bound to haunt batsmen with the amount of spin, swing and control they provide bowlers. Our long-lasting leather balls are hand-stitched using premium alum-tanned leather and the finest Portuguese cork, ensuring the perfect shape and durability. These season balls are available in the white, red and pink colours. The white leather balls are usually used for ODIs and T20s, white the red and pink cricket balls are used for tests. 

Tennis Balls:

The tennis balls are no less, made from high-performance materials, they always deliver unmatched performance. Choose from a variety of vibrant colors for each ball, and enjoy a discount when you order in bulk. You can either get the hard tennis ball which is made for matches in the ground, while the soft and light tennis balls are used for indoor use.

Complete Your Arsenal

For those who are looking to take their game to new heights, it is a must that you own the best gear. A good cricket kit that includes your batting protection, gloves, and helmets will not only provide you protection, but also add comfort and confidence, which will ultimately help in fluent shot making. Add all the necessary gear from ZAP and you'll have an invincible arsenal. 

Batting Gloves:

Your gloves are your interface with the cricket bat and determine how well you can utilize it as a weapon. A pair that is not good enough will cause loss of grip, be uncomfortable and be a roadblock in your road towards success. ZAP strives to eliminate these problems from your journey, so our ergonomically designed cricket batting gloves enhance your grip, feel and most importantly, protection so you can play shots with assurance. With ZAP Gloves in your hand, you are guaranteed to destroy the opposition bowling with your silky-smooth wristwork. 

Batting Protection:

At ZAP, Protection meets Comfort. So never fear, when you have a tough opponent facing you. With our batting protection on, you will glide through tough situations. The lightweight cricket helmet acts as an invisible forcefield, shielding you from every bouncer while feeling feather-light on your head. The Thigh Pads and Batting Pads provide maximum shock absorption, making balls that hit them feel like gentle nudges rather than knockouts. Their body-conforming padding ensures hours of play without discomfort. 

Wicket Keeping:

Wicket keeping is a dynamic activity and requires the proper gear to function at peak. So, with our wicket keeping kit, we’re here to solve every keeper’s problems and combine comfort, protection and performance and provide you with an unmatched keeping experience. 

ZAP’s Wicket Keeping Gloves are built to last an eternity and provide an extremely smooth and agile feel, so you can take the bails off the stumps in a split second. The wicket keeping pads add minimal weight to your legs, so doing those average 150 squats per match behind the stumps don’t feel like a daunting task.

Cricket Accessories:

In order to make your experience even better as a player, we provide you with top notch cricket accessories at a very affordable price. 

The ZAP Cricket Bat Scuff Sheet is a must to protect your bat from any kind of chipping damage or moisture damage. 

The Cricket Bat Grips are designed to give you a strong hold with the handle and are comfortable on your hands. 

The abdominal guard is a must for every batsman. We’ve designed the abdominal guards with industry grade materials so it provides titanium like protection and feels comfortable at the same time. 

The ZAP Catching and Fielding bat is a tool for your coach. Fielding being an important pillar of the game, you need to up your game to convert those half chances brilliantly to win matches. Immerse yourself in those fielding training sessions with your coach holding the catching bat, as you strive to successfully complete those breathtaking sky-high catches that are made possible by the foam-padded bat.

Cricket Kit Bags:

To keep everything in one spot, you'll need a cricket kit bag that lets you take all your stuff wherever you go. ZAP has got you covered with cricket kit bags of all sizes, from wheels to, fancy ones for pros to beginner-friendly options. The Royal Crown Wheelie is the ultimate kit bag favored by many professionals. If you're just starting out, check out the ZAP Military Duffle and the Howzat Junior, both offering ample space to carry your entire kit without any hassle.

Why Choose ZAP?

Uncompromising Quality and Craftsmanship

ZAP takes pride to offer top-notch goods that are expertly made with the utmost care, skill, and knowledge. All of our products are created with love and with the hope that they will assist you do better on the field. Every product goes through rigorous quality checks so that every no defective product reaches you and hinders your buying experience.  You can count on our gear to withstand the demands of the game since we place a high value on lifespan and durability.

ZAP is a Brand For All:

For Beginners and Casual Players

We have products for players at all levels. For those who are just getting started or play just for the fun of the game, out tennis and Kashmir willow bats are the ideal choice. They are affordable, expertly made and offer great value for money. 

For Intermediate and Advanced Players

You need gear that matches your increasing expertise as you advance in your playing career. With our intermediate collection, you can have bats that help you play shots with power and precision and batting protection that improves your comfort and performance. Get yourself products from the intermediate collection and climb the summit of the sport swiftly. 

For Professional Players

Professional players require products that sit at the Zenith of every category. Every small thing matters, so with our professional collection, you can get products that are flawless, made with the finest of details to help you perform the best at the biggest stages.  

Detailed Product Information and Specifications

We know that anything related to the sport you purchase, is a special one, so we try making your decision a bit easier by providing you with the nitty gritties of every product, whether it’s the size or the materials used. 

Competitive Pricing and Value for Money

Everyone should have access to high-quality cricket equipment, according to ZAP. This is our Motto and to support this, we provide affordable prices for every product without making any compromises with the product. So buy from us and be ensured that you'll get the best value for money and your purchase is worth every penny. 

Seamless Online Shopping Experience

It should be simple and convenient to purchase cricket equipment. The online buying experience on our user-friendly website is seamless. Browse through our huge selection with ease, add things in your shopping cart, and use our secure payment choices to finish the transaction in secrecy. We give your personal information's protection top priority while also ensuring a seamless transaction process.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Your pleasure as a customer is important to our company. We go above and above to deliver great customer service, responding to any questions or complaints right away and in a timely manner. Your experience with us counts, and we make every effort to go above and beyond.

Transparent Policies for Trust

We adhere to ethical business principles that are open and honest. Our return and exchange policies are designed to make your shopping experience worry-free. In the extremely unlikely event that you're not happy with your purchase, we provide hassle-free returns and exchanges. We also provide full after-sales assistance and guarantees for our products to further ensure your satisfaction.