Cricket Leather Balls: Swing With Dominance

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    5 products

    4 Piece Leather Balls | Red, Pink & White Leather Balls

    Find your perfect cricket leather ball at ZAP and experience top-notch performance and durability. Cricket is a game of strength, strategy, and a little bit of chance. Choosing the appropriate gear for their games is a challenge for the majority of aspiring players or gamers in general. Players frequently use the incorrect balls for the game when playing at amateur level. Selecting a right ball is one such challenge.

    All ZAP Balls are manufactured using best grade Portuguese cork core and are transformed into a 4-piece leather ball. All balls are completely hand-stitching that helps in retaining the shape and hardness longer. On top of that, they are water proof and you won't have to worry about the ball getting wet. ZAP Balls are approved by Quality Council of India and they are conformed with ICC Quality Standard for International Cricket. 

    At ZAP, we offer balls in three colours: red, pink and white. Red balls are used in Test and First Class matches. A white ball is used in T-20 matches (Day/Night matches) and one-day limited overs tournaments. The ICC recently approved the usage of the Pink Ball in day and night Test matches. Red, White, and Pink balls all have the same shape and size. Once the ball strikes the ground, the seam that runs around its perimeter causes it to bounce away from and toward the batsman. To fit your needs, pick from a range of pack sizes, and take advantage of the extra convenience of prompt, dependable shipment. Cricket Leather Balls from ZAP can help you improve your game. Place your order right away to experience the difference that high-quality balls can make.

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