Cricket Batting Pads: Superior Protection And Motion

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    4 products

    Cricket Batting Pads

    Every batter needs a pair of Cricket batting Pads that provide unparalleled protection to them. They absorb the impact of the leather ball, reducing the risk of injury and allowing batsmen to focus on their shots with confidence. ZAP Cricket Batting Pads do exactly that, providing not only the highest level of protection but also the agility and freedom of movement while batting on the pitch. 

    Made From Premium Material:

    ZAP Batting leg guards are made from premium quality cushioning and a tight velcro that sticks to your leg while batting, no matter what! The premium foam and cane rods used guarantee superior protection without compromising on comfort. The cane rod in the batting pads is also lightweight in design which is vital for club players looking to maintain their mobility. This is how ZAP makes the lightest cricket batting pads. 

    Light weight Cricket Batting Pads for protection and Comfort:

    ZAP Moulded Cricket Batting Pads come with a promise to always protect you while not hindering your ability to stay mobile on the pitch. The ZAP Lightweight Cricket Batting Pads are made with the perfect contoured design that conforms to the shape of the leg, providing a snug fit and maximum coverage. The use of lightweight materials is vital for cricket players looking to maintain their mobility. 

    How to wear batting Pads?

    The best way to wear your cricket pads is to check that the velcro of the strap ends on the outer sides of each leg. If the straps end on the inner side, there might be a chance that they get entangled into each other. Also start by strapping up from the bottom. Secure the lower velcro first and then come up to the upper one. After strapping up, check that your guards are optimally tight and fit you perfectly, and you’re ready to go!

    What are the Best Cricket Batting Pads from ZAP?

    At ZAP, we understand that being protected and comfortable while batting is of utmost importance for any batsman. So, we have made our lightweight cricket batting pads with such precision and ergonomic technology that help you perform at your level best. We also have coloured cricket batting pads with the ZAP Signature being the best blue cricket batting pads out there. We also offer left handed cricket batting pads in the Instinct Series, which is our professional level cricket pads.


    How do I choose a cricket pad?

    When choosing cricket pads, it's crucial to consider your size for a proper fit. Measure from the middle of your knee cap down to your instep or where your shoe's tongue rests. While sizing may vary between brands, this measurement will give you a good starting point to select the right batting pads for you.


    What is the difference between batting pads and wicket-keeper pads?

    Batting pads are designed to protect the legs of a batsman from fast deliveries. They are made with more cushioning and protection. Batting Pads often have 3 straps. Wicket-keeping pads are specifically tailored to provide flexibility and mobility for a wicket-keeper's crouched position. They are lighter and have comparatively less cushioning than a batting pad. They usually have only 2 staps.


    Can you bat without pads in cricket?

    No, according to MCC laws, batsmen must wear pads for safety reasons while batting in cricket.

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