English Willow Cricket Bats: Dominate The Game

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    23 products

    English Willow Cricket Bats

    For any cricket player, the season cricket bat is their most prized possession. And of all the bats, English willow cricket bats for leather balls are truly the best. These leather bats have unreal performance and are ideal for professional players. It can resist the force of the leather cricket ball without breaking because it is sturdy and flexible. Additionally, because it is lightweight, batters can swing the bat swiftly.

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    How are English Willow Bats made at the ZAP Cricket Factory?

    Since we handcrafted our first bat in 2015, we've dedicated ourselves to creating the best english willow bats that players can count on. Our leather bats english willow are crafted from meticulously selected wood to give you the power you need to maximise your performance.

    ZAP brings innovation to cricket bats, making them perfect for all kinds of strokes. With a special mid to low profile design, these great for power hitting. The aerodynamic blade design helps you swing the bat faster by reducing air resistance.

    For a strong hit, you need a bat with a good "ping". ZAP's English Willow Bats have a large sweet spot, giving you maximum power and accuracy when you hit the ball. The blade design is made for quick swings and fast responses to different kinds of deliveries. Plus, the grip on the bat is designed to be really handy. You can choose between a chevron structure grip or a new snakeskin design. With these grips, you'll always feel in control of your bat.

    Which is the Best English Willow cricket bat for Leather Ball?

    You will face many challenges while selecting the right English willow bat. If you’re a pro cricket player, you should select a Grade 1 English willow cricket bats, which is the best it can get. These bats are crafted from the highest quality English willow tree for excellence, with near-perfect grains and supreme performance. It is highly recommended for professional players. Further, you should select a bat that fits your playing style, your preferred shape and profile, and, most importantly, your budget. 

    Find Your Perfect English Willow Cricket Bat: 

    At ZAP, you can explore our entire range of cricket bats to discover the ideal companion for your cricketing adventure. If you’re a grown up player, you can get the english willow cricket bat full size because it’ll suit you perfectly. Otherwise, you can go for English Willow Cricket Bat Size 6 for junior players all the way down to size 3 for kids. Whether you're seeking a full-size bat for leather ball cricket or a size 6 bat for junior players, we have the perfect match for your needs. Plus, with options available at various price points based on their willow grades, you can find the best season cricket bat to suit your budget without compromising on quality. 


    Which is the best English Willow cricket bat under 5000?

    Finding a good English willow bat under 5000 is difficult, and the quality, will not be worth the price. If you up you budget a little bit, you can get the ZAP Classic Emperor Cricket bat, which gives you superior performance at a very affordable price.


    Why is english willow bat price so expensive?

    English Willow Cricket Bat full size bats are expensive because of the limited supply and high demand. Also, they're really good for batting because they're strong, flexible, and light. Plus, they're handmade, which takes time and skill. Even though they cost a lot, they're actually worth it because they perform better than most willows and last longer.


    Which is better - English willow or Kashmir willow?

    Both English and Kashmir willows have their own unique qualities. English Willow Bats are typically preferred for their superior quality, offering better performance and durability, especially for professional players. On the other hand, Kashmir willow bats are known for their affordability and good performance, making them a popular choice for youngsters and beginners. Ultimately, the choice depends on individual preferences, budget, and level of play.


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