ZAP Glider Cricket Abdominal Guard

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ZAP Abdominal Guard ensures the safety of the lower abdomen or groin area, prevents any injuries from unfortunate happenings, and absorbs maximum impact by resisting the uneven hits. ZAP Abdominal Guard is made for professional cricket use.

The Zap Abdominal Guard comes with a new in-class design that includes rubber padding for better shock support and smoother edges for the best fit. This allows unrestricted body movement and a greater posture. Also, the premium quality poly protector is a key feature of the Zap Abdominal Guard.

Detailed Features

  • High-quality poly protector material
  • Interior rubber padding for shock absorption
  • Ergonomic design for best fit
  • Easily fits into jockstraps or briefs
  • Shaped to ensure maximum groin protection
  • Padded Edging for comfort

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