Anti Scuff Sheet Cricket Bat: Protect Your Willow

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    1 product

    ZAP Cricket Bat Scuff Sheet: Ultimate 

    The cricket bat is dear to every cricket player. But the bat has to go under a lot of tests, the sheer blows of the cricket ball that are bowled at 150 kmph, the balls that you play off the edge chipping of the willow of the blade, and the moisture that it absorbs. All these affect the durability of the bat and impact its performance. For every player, it is very important to take care of their bat as their prized possession. 

    Use anti scuff sheet cricket bat from ZAP and be sure enough to not worry about the cracks on the edge due to mistimed shots. After knocking your new cricket bat with a mallet or an old ball, it is crucial to cover it with a protective layer of Anti Scuff sheet. The wood won't chip as a result, and it will get stronger for future usage. For protection against repeated ball impact, a scuff sheet is important for both the bat's face and its edges. To prevent any damage to your new bat, ZAP offers an ideal length (130MM * 65MM) Scuff sheet made of premium fibreglass tape running along the side.

    Important information:

    Once you have added a scuff sheet to your new cricket bat before heavy knocking, ZAP's exclusive 1-year extended warranty will take effect. Read the extended warranty's terms and conditions in its entirety.

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