What are the various payment options offered by ZAP Cricket?

The following payment methods are accepted (with billing in INR and only India issued cards):

- Credit and Debit Cards

- Credit cards issued by American Express

- Net Banking

- Paytm

- CCAvenue


- CCAvenue 

- PayPal

Do you offer Cash-On-Delivery (COD) orders?

No, in the wake of COVID-19, we have moved on to contactless delivery.

Where can I discover the security number for my credit/debit card?

The security number on the back of your credit/debit card is a three-digit number located on the far-right side of the signature strip. It is four digits long and printed on the front of American Express cards.

When using a Visa card, what is the "Verified by Visa" page?

To prevent fraudulent use of your card online, "Verified by Visa" allows you to enter your internet banking user/password as an additional level of authentication. You are, however, permitted to proceed ten times without giving an i-banking user/password by simply entering your date of birth.

My card account shows that I made a payment, but my order has been rejected. So, what should I do now?

If you find something like this, please get in touch with our customer support department right once. We'll verify with our payment gateway agency to see if the payment was successful, and we'll let you know.

Is it possible for you to provide me a formal invoice for a product I purchased for my company's use?

Yes, we may provide you with an official invoice for any purchase made in your company's name. Please email us at info@zapsports.in your formal Purchase Transaction together with full payment in advance, and we will promptly begin processing your order.

What should I do if my payment fails?

Please try again after double-checking that the information you entered is correct, including all account information, billing addresses, and passwords. If your payment fails and is debited from your account due to the failure, it will be reimbursed back to your account within 21 business days after we get confirmation from the bank.

Ordering and delivery

Can I place an order without creating an account?

Yes. You can place an order as a guest with no obligation to create an account. We do recommend that you create an account if you’d like to check your order history and have your shopping basket items and payment details saved for next time. It’s quick and easy to create an account. 

How are orders placed on ZAP Cricket gets delivered?

All orders placed are dispatched through other courier partners such as Delhivery, FedEx, etc.

How long will it take for my product to be delivered?

We ship most of our orders within 1-2 days from the order date and deliver them within seven days.

What are the shipping charges on ZAP products?

Zero shipping charge irrespective of the order value across PAN India


What to do if I received a damaged, defective or incorrect order?

Any damage, defective and incorrect item claim must be notified to us within 48 hours (2 days) of delivery, along with your email address and phone number, as well as the order number and item number from your original confirmation email.

Customer Service will make every reasonable effort to assist you with your return/replacement. If you do not contact Customer Service within time, you are responsible for all return shipping charges.

We will arrange for the consumer to return the damaged, defective or incorrect merchandise for free, and we will provide a complete refund.

What do you mean by 100% satisfaction?

We make every effort to deliver the finest possible service and provide you with a memorable and enjoyable experience. If you are unhappy with your purchase, you may return it to us for a full refund of the merchandise value or get a replacement of the same product within 30 days of receiving it.

What is the return policy, and how does it work?

No question asked—Hassle-Free Returns—30 days period.

Visit the Returns and Replacements policy page for more information

How long will it take for my return to be processed and refunded?

The following conditions will apply to refunds:

Orders bought online will be refunded within 7-21 working days, either through the online account or by check, depending on ZAP's current conditions.

What is the replacement policy, and how does it work?

Our replacement policy allows you to get a complete replacement of the product within the 30 days window if it is found to be defective or damaged and is not in accordance with specifications as advertised. The product must be in unused condition.

What is the cancellation policy?

Returns are dealt with on a case-to-case basis. We'll do everything we can to make you happy within the limits of reason, but we can't usually issue refunds unless there's a problem with the transaction. For additional details, please see the returns and replacements policy.


Does my bat come knocked in?

No, we do not provide a knocking service. The knocking should be done by an individual with an old ball for at least 6 hours before taking the bat out in the nets.

The knocking machines are not natural, and they may harm the bat due to constant pressure applied to the bat, which degrades the wood life and performance of the bat in the longer run.

As a best practice, the player should do knocking after applying ZAP Anti Scuff Sheet on the bat surface.

What is the difference between ZAP Kashmir willow and ZAP English Willow?

ZAP Kashmir willow Bats are for beginners who are just starting to play cricket.

This bat is for amateurs. Kashmir willow bat is made from the Indian wood of the Kashmir Region.

The punch and stroke of Kashmir willow are inferior as compared to English willow.

The overall weight of the Kashmir willow bat is on the higher side as compared to English Willow.

ZAP English Willow Bats are for individuals who are looking to play professional cricket.

English Willow is a fibrous, soft wood. Because of its high-performance effect when striking the cricket ball, this variety of willow is favored by the majority of professional cricketers. It is imported wood from England.

English willow bat offers more excellent strokes and best performance and feels spring-like punch while hitting the ball. They are also lighter in weight.

We use the same English Willow as used in making bats for international cricketer

What is the weight of a bat?

Kashmir Willow

Naturally, Kashmir Willow wood is heavier; we take utmost care to keep the weight of ZAP Kashmir willow bats between 1125 to 1220 grams depending upon the size.
*Junior size (3,4,5) may have less weight

English Willow

Weight ranges between 1100 to 1195 grams depending upon the profile and balance of the bat.
*Junior size (3,4,5) may have less weight

Please Note –

Sometimes you may find a slight increase in weight due to local weather conditions.

Humidity and Rainy weather make the wood absorb moisture leading to approximately 20 grams higher weight than original weight.

After few usages of the bat in nets, the bat's weight will be dropped to the original value.

How is the grading of the bat done?

Grading is done based on the quality of bats, whether it is English Willow or Kashmir Willow.

The process is carried out rigorously with close precision assessing the grain structure, the weight, the number of grains, the color and cosmetics, and stains, if any, on the bat.

Which grade English Willow bat to choose?

When choosing a new bat, the grade of wood will almost certainly be a factor, but understanding the distinctions can be challenging.

Grade 1

A Grade 1 blade is the most attractive, and it is the best performing willow. On the blade's edge, there may be some red wood visible. A minimum of 6 grains will be visible on the face, and the grain will be straight. The playing surface is naturally clean, with no blemishes or marks on the blade of the bat

Grade 2

A Grade 2 blade is similarly high quality, with a minute quantity of red wood visible on the blade's edge; this has no bearing on the bat's playing abilities and is strictly ornamental. Grade 2 blade generally consists of at least 6 grains, possibly some rare flaws such as minor blemishes.

Grade 3

Grade 3 is an intermediate grade that is manufactured in more significant quantities than the upper grades and provides excellent value for money for professional cricketers. A Grade 3 blade has some amount of red wood across the blade, which has no bearing on the wood's playing abilities; it simply has less cosmetic appeal. A minimum of 5 grains will be present on the blade's face, which may or may not be precisely straight. This grade might have some minor blemishes or pin knots, which are natural in the wood.

Grade 4

A Grade 4 blade usually contains a higher amount of red wood or stains. It will still perform well in comparison to the other grades. There could be any number of grains, with the most common being four; the willow carrying the 'butterfly' stain is quite strong; there could also be more "speck" and other flaws.

Grade 5

Grade 5 is an excellent value-for-money bat for starting English Willow player. There may be some blemishes and the presence of knots in the bat. These bats may have slightly irregular grain patterns and are less responsive than higher grade English Willow bats.


Butterfly stains

Its body and wings mimic those of a butterfly. The presence of butterfly stains makes a bat incredibly durable, and it performs admirably. It's only a matter of preference if you like a bat with a unique appearance.

What is meant by AAA, AA, and A in ZAP English Willow Bats?

These are classifications given to a bat within the same grade. A grade is not uniform throughout, and further sub-grading needs to be done to provide you with better clarity regarding a bat.

AAA means the top-level willow in that grade

AA means the mid-level willow in that grade

A means the lower-level willow in that grade

For example, Grade 1 AAA > Grade 1 AA > Grade 1 A

I am confused between Grade 3 AAA and Grade 2 A. Which is better?

While classification within a grade is done to give you better clarity regarding a bat, that classification is limited to that grade only. So, in any circumstance Grade 2 is better than Grade 3.

Therefore, in terms of quality Grade 2 A is better than Grade 3 AAA.

A willow's grading and sub-classification are done based on the willow's quality, performance, and weight.