Loaded with Performance: Gun Series English Willow Cricket Bats

    4 products

    4 products


    The ZAP Gun Series is our new, exciting, powerful and high-performance English Willow Cricket Bat collection that embodies exceptional performance on the cricket pitch. We made the Gun Series keeping in mind the new T20 era, where power-hitting is the way to go. 

    The heavier the bat, the thicker the edges, the more power to in the cricket. But this will all add a huge and unnecessary weight that makes the bat impossible to lift. The ZAP Gun Series English Willow Bats are built for explosive batting and the focus is kept on a superior level of craftsmanship. To achieve this, we have struck a balance between the right quality of willow, the moisture density, the shape and profile and the weight and balance required for some serious six hitting without adding unnecessary weight to the bat. 

    Willow Quality: Crafting Excellence

    We take pride in our selection of high-quality English willow. The foundation of an exceptional cricket bat lies in the English Willow’s grain structure and rebound capabilities. We select the best willows for ZAP Gun Series that suit our criteria for making a proper T20 Bat, the flexibility, the moisture that contributes to the bat's explosive power. Also the cricket bat pressing process adds more power rebound capabilities to the bat. After selection of willow, each bat is crafted with precision, emphasizing a full profile and thick edges, maximizing the sweet spot for devastating six-hitting ability.

    Spine, Sweet Spot and Balance: Power with Precision

    The spine of the cricket bat is where the majority of the stability and power comes from. In the Gun Series, we’ve engineered some concavity in the spine that amplifies the power in your shots allowing you to clear boundaries effortlessly. We've strategically positioned and expanded the sweet spot to be the epicenter of your power-hitting. The balance of our bats is finely tuned, striking the perfect equilibrium between weight and distribution. The result? A cricket bat that feels like a cannon, ready to launch the red leather beyond boundary ropes. 

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