Cricket Bat Grips: Control Your Shots

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    3 products

    Bat Handle Grips

    Cricket is a game that requires precision, skill and the right equipment. Having a top quality cricket bat is a must, but not enough. Just the way you practice daily to get better at the game, the performance of the cricket bat too can be taken to the next level. Adding a superior grip elevates your control, durability, and functionality with the willow. These additions can in turn enhance grip strength boosting overall performance on the pitch. It is important that the cricket grip remains intact throughout a match and helps you achieve a flawless batting performance. 

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    ZAP Cricket Bat Handle Grip:

    Every player needs to make sure that you have the best cricket bat grip sitting on top of your bat handle. The grip is the point of contact with you and your bat and plays a vital role in how you control and manoeuvre the willow piece. With a loose and worn out grip, there are high chances that you lose stability and power while smacking the leather ball. ZAP knows the importance of a controlled innings and hence we manufacture some excellent rubber grips that help you bat with confidence on the pitch. 

    Premium Rubber for Strength and Durability:

    The grips made at ZAP have a special anti rupture technology and can last up to months of daily use. The use of premium quality rubber ensures strength and stability not only to the grip, but it also resonates in your batting style. 

    Comfort at its Peak:

    When a fast paced leather ball strikes the bat, it generates vibrations that travel up to your hands through the handle. These vibrations can be very uncomfortable at times when the ball hits the bottom of the bat. This can be a hindrance in your confidence on the pitch and you might end up playing a silly shot. The cricket bat handle grip from ZAP solves this issue by designing the grip in such a way that all vibrations that travel up are dampened and you feel nothing on the ball impact. 

    Cohesiveness between Gloves and Grip:

    The combination of ZAP cricket batting gloves and grips showcase an unreal cohesivity and make up for firm bond. The texture and design on rubber will stick to your gloves like a super glue. There’s no way your bat can slip out or roll between your hands when you use both. This enhanced cohesion allows batsmen to have better control over their shots, resulting in improved performance.

    Design and Colorways:

    Our grips are not made only for functionality, but also for aesthetic purposes. Each grip comes in vibrant colour and designs that match with all of your bat sticker colours. You can personalise how your bat looks by getting the multiple colours available at ZAP. 

    So make sure you look no further than ZAP, and get your new Cricket Bat Grip!

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