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    Wicket Keeping Gloves

    Are you a Dhoni fan and love how his glovework from behind the wickets can change the outcome of a game. Well, ZAP’s range of wicketkeeping gloves helps you do just that! These keeping gloves will make sure you grab those flying balls with ease. Our gloves are made with utmost precision with ultra premium leather palms and a lightweight PU material for swift arm motion. Combine your gloves with the Cricket Helmets and wicket keeping pads and enjoy and unreal performance!

    How does ZAP make the best wicket keeping gloves?

    Unparalleled Focus on Protection:

    We understand that protection is ultimate and a must for all wicket keepers. Our manufacturing process is such that we can make professional wicket keeping gloves with pin point precision that protect your fingers and palms with no compromise. The premium leather used also ensures that your gloves last a lifetime and don't need frequent replacement. 

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    Unmatched Comfort and Ease of Use:

    While protection is a must, we can never compromise on comfort. Wicket keepers have to perform the same motion hours in a match and it can get gruesome if the keeping gloves are too stiff and not easy to put on and take off. But ZAP’s products always strike a balance between protection and comfort. The padded finger ends absorb all the impact of the ball keeping your fingers away from injuries. The snug fit ensures the gloves always remain in place so that you only concentrate on the ball and not on fixing your gloves all the time. If you’re looking for a better sweat absorption, pair them with wicket keeping inner gloves and feel a cushion like comfort and dry feel throughout the match. 

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    Grips like a Glue:

    The premium leather palm can help you grab any ball with ease - be it a thick flying edge or a super high catch. A wide T-shaped webbing will provide you with that extra bit of reach required to complete those full-length catches. 

    So, get a new wicket keeping kit from ZAP and experience mastery and become a game changer from behind the stumps. 

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