Cricket Guards: Protect and Attack

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    19 products

    Cricket Batting Protection: Ultimate Gamechanger

    Cricket is a sport where you require an unwavering amount of skill, technique and concentration. Even the slightest lapse in focus can lead to an unwanted error. And for batsmen, where playing every ball on merit is key, it is even more necessary to be comfortable and confident with the bat at all times. So, having the right batting protection that provides top-notch safety and comfort is paramount for an uninterrupted and a superb batting innings.  

    Let’s look at every batting protection that is a part of your kit and will shield you from the leather balls and provide you with the confidence to excel and dominate the game from the pitch!

    Batting Pads:

    Cricket Batting pads are built to protect your lower limbs, knees, and shin from the fiercely bowled leather canons. They are designed to absorb and disperse the force of a fast delivery, reducing the chances of fractures or bruises. Apart from just providing protection, the batting pads also need to be comfortable and lightweight to wear. At ZAP, each of our batting pads is developed after a meticulous design process to provide an unreal experience of comfort, flexibility, and protection on the pitch. Be it using ultra premium materials or lightweight construction and design, we excel at both. So, get a new pair of Cricket batting pads and own the pitch in style!

    Batting Gloves:

    Cricket Hand Gloves are one of the most fundamental parts of your kit. They offer protection to your fingers, which are most susceptible to injuries while facing the cricket ball. They act as an interface between your hand and the bat’s handle and help you get a firm grip, enhancing control and help in creative shot making. You need to get a pair of gloves that provide a firm grip, are lightweight and provide enough breathability so that you can bat for long hours without losing comfort. ZAP’s aim is to make the perfect performance oriented pair of gloves that improve grip, feel, manoeuvrability, and, most importantly, protection, allowing you to play shots with confidence.

    Batting Helmets:

    The most important protective gear, the cricket helmet sits on top of your head as a crown. The main objective of the helmet is to protect your head from the fiery bouncers bowled at 150+ kmph. ZAP makes helmets that give you a snug fit and have a strong protective shell, tested to face unreal heavy blows. The grills are titanium esque and do not let any ball pass through them. The foam padding on the inside distributes the impact well throughout the helmet surface dampening the force and vibrations well. 

    Thigh Pads:

    Thigh guards are essential to protect your thigh where a heavy blow can hurt for a really long time. The thighs are a place where you need proper padding and protection and absorb any force of the ball reducing the risk of serious injuries. At ZAP, we make thigh pads that ensure comfortability and offer a secure fit to batsmen. The velcro enable and elastic adjustable straps and the lightweight design make sure there’s no hindrance in your movement and agility.  

    The Elbow Guard:

    Your forearms and the elbow region are essential in batting and a blow to them can really impact how you bat. Batting with pain in the forearms and the elbow region can get really difficult, so you need to keep them protected and secure that region from any injuries. The ZAP elbow guards provide a secure fit and cushioning for an unreal protection. The elbow guards are designed in such a way that they offer coverage, yet don't restrict mobility. So, if you’re looking for an unreal combination of comfort, flexibility and impact protection, ZAP Elbow guard is the ultimate choice.

    Batting Inner Gloves:

    Batting inner gloves are worn underneath the regular batting gloves and offer an additional layer of protection and cushioning to your fingers. They absorb sweat, and prevent blisters due to excessive sweating. ZAP Inner gloves also enhance grip and reduce the chances of bat slipping during shots. Inner gloves from ZAP are made from moisture-wicking materials that provide a snug fit without compromising on comfort.

    Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world, thus any player will face stiff competition at every level, from domestic play to the Ranji Trophy to the national cricket team, and success for individual players is not just determined by talent and effort. Long-term success in cricket is a result of maintaining good health, using high-quality, correctly fitting equipment, and showing respect to your coaches, teammates, and opponents. So, get the best cricket batting protection gear from ZAP and bat the challenges away, knowing that you are protected on the pitch at all times. 

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