Best Tennis Cricket Bats: The Unstoppable Force

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    4 products

    Scoop Tennis Cricket Bat: The New way to Smash

    The standards of tennis cricket are entirely different from those of professional cricket. The game's never-ending powerplay format demands some revolutionary equipment. You need a unique innovation to accomplish these requirements. Tennis cricket bats are designed with scoops that make it light weight and easier to swing. These scoop design tennis cricket bats are the modern-day renegades that help you hit sixes out of the park with ease. They meet all the requirements for this furious game format with a perfect balance of strength and comfort. The lightweight tennis ball cricket bats are also widely known as the bandook bats. 

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    How are the Lightweight Tennis Cricket Bats for hard tennis ball made at ZAP Bat Factory: 

    While crafting the best hard tennis cricket bat, precision is what ultimately separates ZAP from any other bat. These light weight tennis cricket bats for hard tennis balls are the best as they are meticulously handcrafted by the finest craftsmen from Meerut. Total shock absorption to lessen the deadly pace of hard tennis balls is ensured by the creation of a full cane rounded handle with optimum flexibility. The double blade tennis cricket bat design comes with cutting-edge scoops with multiple cutouts for the bat's super-reflex swing motion. For those intense matches and big shots, our hard tennis cricket bats offer unparalleled durability and shot power.

    Which is the best tennis cricket bat at ZAP?

    ZAP has done intensive research about crafting both hard and soft tennis cricket bats and have understood the requirements of the game to its core. The engineering of these kashmir willow tennis cricket bats make them suitable for all kinds of play. ZAP Scoop tennis cricket bats have a full-blade sweet spot to guarantee the unmatched explosive power. The ZAP Glaze is without a doubt the best tennis cricket bat for hard tennis balls and comes with a revolutionary gold coating for water damage protection. It also has an unbreakable toe guard that keeps the bottom of the bat protected against any breakage. The ZAP Bouncer Scoop Design Cricket Bat is another top option to dominate the box cricket game. 

    With the ZAP's Scoop Design Bats, make the biggest impact possible in cricket.


    Does my new tennis ball cricket bat needs oiling and knocking?

    Tennis ball cricket bats are specially designed to be played with a tennis ball and do not require the same level of preparation as leather cricket bats which are meant to be played against a leather ball. So, tennis ball cricket bats do not need to be oiled or knocked because they are only meant to be used with hard or soft tennis balls, which are lighter and do not create such a huge impact force on a bat.


    What is the difference between a normal cricket bat and scooped bat?

    The main difference between a normal cricket bat and a scooped bat lies in their design and purpose. A regular leather cricket bat has a classic curved blade profile, prioritizing stability and control against leather balls. Their sweet spot is typically at the bottom for balanced swings. On the other hand, a scooped design cricket bat, used mainly against tennis balls, features multiple scooped back for a lighter feel and a larger sweet spot. This design aims to increase shot force, allowing players to swing easily and hit more powerful shots.


    Can we use a tennis cricket bat as a season bat after applying fibre tape?

    No, using a tennis cricket bat as a season bat after applying fiber tape is not recommended. Tennis cricket bats are specifically designed for a different type of play and are not constructed to withstand the rigors of playing against leather cricket balls.

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