ZAP Glider Wicket Keeping Gloves

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Wicketkeeping is a tough job. Being behind the stumps for hours, with your fingers in a heavy piece of leather all day. The sweat, heavy cushioning and bad design, in the long run, will affect your finger mobility and strength and lead to constant finger injuries. ZAP Glider Wicket Keeping Gloves is here to eliminate all of these problems.

The name Glider implies agility, ease of movement, and precision. The strategically placed padding protects the fingers, palms, and wrists from impact, without compromising flexibility. The ergonomic design fits the natural shape of the hand, minimizing strain and discomfort during extended periods of use. Rubberized Leather helps you grab the ball without a mistake. Overall, the Glider offers functionality with style and is the go-to choice for all the pros out there!

Detailed Features

  • High-quality leather, rubber, and cushioning for Premium Padding and Protection
  • Lightweight construction to enhance flexibility and reduce finger fatigue
  • Moisture-wicking technology prevents discomfort caused by sweat
  • Spider-Leather Leather Palm design with dots reduces the chances of fumbling the ball
  • MemoryTouch fingertips integrate memory foam for improved dexterity
  • PowerSeam Stitching for Enhanced Durability

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