ZAP Vintage Quaint Series 3 Star English Willow Bat

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The challenge is grounded in ZAP's rich Quaint Series bat and elevated with its distinctively selected cane construction and robust profile big edges. This version of the Vintage Series has an intimidating profile, perfect for the power-hitting world of modern cricket. The mid-blade sweet spot with a modern shape will help you in clearing the boundary with ease.
The shape is classic Quaint, with a mid to low swell and angled toe encouraging front and back foot play without compromising weight distribution. Pick-up is feather-light with this beautiful blade.


  • Premium Grade 3 AAA English Willow
  • Excellent flat face allows for enhanced shot placement
  • Swell's shape is designed primarily around having a well-balanced bat that picks up exceptionally well
  • Mid to low blade swell
  • Sustained sweet spot which delivers fantastic shots
  • Spring cane, rubberized strip, and rounded handle construction offers flexibility and shock absorption
  • Angled Toe delivers a stable position while in your stance
  • Short Handle
  • Monogram embossed sleek design stickers with laser engraved branding
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly bat poly wrap packaging
  • Conforms to MCC Law 5 bat regulations
  • Handmade by a proficient craftsman from Meerut, India
  • Weight Range: 1100 gm to 1220 gm
    *Junior size(3,4,5) may have less weight

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