Cricket Balls: Bowl With Confidence

    7 products

    7 products

    Clip-In and Spin

    You're sweating profusely and your heart is racing—this is what you live for. And ZAP Cricket Balls can hold the key to your effective performance on match day. Our long-lasting cricket leather balls are made to last for more than 80 overs and will help you finish your matches. Our ZAP Cricket Balls are also expertly crafted using superior alum-tanned leather and the highest quality Portuguese cork.

    Leather Balls

    You'll get better at the game the harder you work in practise. Remember that the ZAP Leather Cricket Balls are completely hand-stitched to have the ideal shape and toughness. 
    Step up your game with ZAP Cricket balls. Our balls are designed to meet the specifications set by the International Cricket Council, so you can trust that you're getting the best performance on the pitch.

    Tennis Balls

    Elevate your game with top-quality tennis cricket balls from ZAP Cricket. Our balls are constructed from high-performance materials and are intended to provide you the finest possible performance for the newest and most popular tennis cricket games.
    Responsiveness and flexibility – these are what you need in a tennis cricket balls.  Additionally, when bowling at higher speeds, our ZAP Tennis Balls simulate exact control. For a diversity of play during the game, choose between the light weight (green) ZAP Flexi Cricket Tennis Ball and the heavy weight (red) ZAP SuperTuff Cricket Tennis Ball.

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