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    Hard Tennis Balls

    A truly competitive version of cricket is called tennis cricket. A light tennis cricket ball is employed in this. Since a tennis ball is easier to handle than a typical leather cricket ball, youngsters are the ones who play it the most. Many neighbourhood cricket competitions use tennis balls. Light tennis balls are used in cricket training facilities to train young athletes. There are two different kinds of tennis balls: a light/soft tennis ball and a heavy/hard tennis ball.

    Now when it comes to the professional hot tennis cricket matches, you need a hard tennis ball which is generally red in colour. Professional Tennis cricket is completely different from club cricket and frankly, so are its demands. This never-ending power play format of the game requires some rebellious equipment including the balls.

    ZAP Cricket has the perfect solution to cater to the needs of every individual interested in playing tennis matches. We offer two different weights of balls namely, Flexi Cricket Soft Tennis Ball usually for light tennis matches, indoor matches, box cricket matches, training for youngster. The other one is SuperTuff Cricket Hard Tennis Ball made specifically for hot tennis cricket tournaments. The SuperTuff ball is durable, maintains the perfect shape even after intense hitting.

    To fit your needs, pick from a range of pack size, and take advantage of the extra convenience of fast, reliable shipping. Order Cricket Tennis Ball from ZAP Cricket now and take your cricket game to the next level.

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