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    2 products

    Hard Tennis Balls

    Cricket in our country is played by tens of crores of people, and playing with a leather cricket ball is not feasible for all. Tennis Cricket is one truly competitive version of our sport that emerges from this problem. Tennis cricket balls are used by most people as they are easier to handle than a typical season ball. Many neighbourhood competitions use tennis balls, which have become a nationwide necessity for all youngsters. 

    Tennis Cricket Balls for every occasion:

    Rubber balls are used in cricket matches by many children because they are cheap and offer unreal turn on any surface. But tennis balls are the real deal. Every product made at ZAP exhibits the right degree of bounce and turn on all kinds of pitches, balancing the game for both the batsmen and bowlers. There are two types that you can choose from: Hard/heavy Tennis Balls or Light/Soft Tennis Balls

    But before you forget, get yourself some Leather Cricket Balls to complete your bowling kit!

    Hard Tennis Balls:

    Tennis cricket is packed with action and flair and the ball undergoes some serious power hitting. This never ending power play format demands some rebelliously power packed tennis cricket bats. And to counter this advantage to the batsmen, bowlers need a cannon in their hand, a heavy tennis ball. ZAP has the perfect solution to cater to the needs of both parties in such a fiery matchup. ZAP’s SuperTuff Cricket Hard Tennis Ball is made specifically for such battles between the batsman and the bowlers. The red coloured cannon is notoriously durable, and maintains the perfect shape even after intense hitting.

    Light Tennis Balls:

    Players who are involved in gully or box cricket matches want balls that are lighter and do not have enough mass to hurt someone or break a car or a window glass. Such soft tennis balls are also used for matches at the turfs. When thrown at high speeds, they swerve in mid air due to lighter weight. They don’t travel much distance, however strong you swing the bat. So, they are even used in academies in throwdown and power hitting sessions. The ZAP Flexi Cricket Soft Tennis Ball has the ideal weight that makes it enjoyable, yet challenging for batsmen and bowlers alike. 

    So, get a new box of hard and light tennis balls for yourself, so that when one gets, you have your supplies at a full!

    ZAP Tennis Cricket Bats are your perfect tennis and box cricket partner. 

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