Virat Kohli: The Modern-Day King of Cricket

Sports never fail to leave us in awe with their amazing finishes, moments of inspiration both on and off the fields, crazy fan moments, and unreal displays of mental strength and entertainment. Sports have a unique ability to unite people, as every person has a sport they love with all their heart. In each sport, there are countless superstars that we all associate with, whether they are the best player or simply a player we all love dearly. Be it Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi in football or Nadal, Djokovic, or Federer in tennis, we all have that one person we look forward to who can change the course of a match with just a single move!

The Legends of Our Sport:

Cricket is the favorite sport for so many people. It is the lifeline for so many like me. And we have seen so many legends play throughout eras. It has seen some heroic demonstrations of great ability. Every player is different in their own way and carries a different style of game, approach, and mentality. It is always difficult to compare a batsman with a bowler; both fields have separate spectrums of required skills. Despite all of this, we cannot deny the fact that some exceptionally talented and skilled cricketers shine brighter than others. These players have created separate names for themselves. Again, some athletes were/are so good they dominate a complete generation of the sport. These athletes can create an impact for the betterment of this beautiful game.

And when there are so many legends playing the same sport, it is certain that comparisons are made between legends about who the better player was, and it is all very subjective. Sachin Tendulkar might be the best batsman of all time, but was he a good captain, Ricky Ponting was one of the best captains of all time, but his batting stats don’t compare to Sachin’s. Shane Warne was a legend in tests, but wasn’t equally successful in other formats. All these things come into play when we make comparisons, so it is very subjective, and it is very difficult to get people to agree on the same answer.

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The Real King of Cricket:

Virat Kohli in his test uniform at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad

Credit: Wikimedia

But, if I ask you who you think the King of Cricket is, I am sure what your answer is going to be! It is always going to be King Kohli or Virat Kohli

He possesses the talent, the style, the aggression, and the best-player attitude on the field. If you play on foreign soil and destroy the local squad with your incredible performances, you are more than just a skilled player—you are unique!

Kohli has been carrying out this task ever since he first appeared. Being the focal point of the team's energy on the pitch and constantly prepared to face off against opponents, whether it be in a match situation or a verbal battle, has allowed India to win several games. Any player would feel goosebumps from Kohli's stare down!

The Rise of the King:

In August 2008, Virat Kohli received his first call-up to the Indian ODI squad for a series against Sri Lanka. Debuting on the 18th of August, this marked the beginning of a journey that would ultimately earn him the title of "King of Cricket". He subsequently established himself as a regular player for the Indian cricket team. With his horned technique and tough mentality, he became a player to watch out for on the opposing team. 

A young Virat Kohli Celebrates his knock against Sri Lanka

Credit: Wisden

At just 22 years old, Virat Kohli was already causing havoc in the sporting world. He played that crucial inning in the 2011 World Cup final vs. Sri Lanka, helping the team towards a historic triumph. In 2013, he continued is exceptional batting, helping India set a competitive total in the Champions Trophy final vs. England. 

The comeback is always bigger than the setback:

But, even for a legend like The King of Cricket, there were setbacks along the way that shaped him into the tenacious and determined player he is today. 

Kohli had a forgettable 2015 world cup campaign, despite scoring a beautiful century against Pakistan. After a small setback, he never looked back, dominating every opponent. He was steady with his performance, played good cricket on foreign soil, and brought numerous glories to the Indian team. Kohli does have some dream-like stats to his name in the three formats. He has been breaking numerous records from the start. He is easily one of the greatest batsmen to ever grace this game.

Virat Kohli goes through a rough patch

Credit: Navbharat Times

Virat Kohli, affectionately referred to as "King Kohli" by his supporters, is much more than simply his outstanding statistics and hitting style. He carries an aura that captivates fans, both on and off the field. India developed a dominant playing style under his direction, injecting wrath, vigor, and emotion into the contest. Getting to the top of the ICC Test Ranking was one of Virat's major achievements as a captain. The Indian team dominated every team they played, both in the bowling and batting departments!

Commitment to fitness:

His commitment to fitness is what attracts all people. He is a physical specimen thanks to his dedication to fitness. And he’s been very vocal about this too, preaching the importance of following a strict diet, engaging in regular workouts, and constantly striving to improve our physical and mental well-being.

Virat Kohli is a fitness icon in India

Credit: Royal Challengers Bangalore

The Top 5 Innings of King Kohli:

1- The very recent T20 world cup match between India and Pakistan, he won the match for us single handedly, and that’s what he’s been doing for so long for India. Scoring 82 off 53, he hit two sixes against Haris Rauf, which I’m sure nobody would forget for a long time!

Virat Kohli scores a brilliant 82 runs to win the match for India against Pakistan

Credit: ICC via Getty Images

2- His Fastest ODI 100: He scored in fastest one day ton versus Australia in a tough run chase in 2013 which cemented his position as one of the biggest superstars in Indian sports!

3- His 133 versus Sri Lanka in the 2012 CB series in Australia, that’s one of the best innings I have ever seen! India needed to chase 320 in just 40 overs, and that’s when he decided to bring out the best version of him! The highlight of the match was when he smoked Malinga, smashing him all around the ground.

4- 141 (175) & 115 (184) vs Australia, 2013-14 Border-Gavaskar Trophy:Kohli's aggressive captaincy during a historic Test match against Australia, where he scored centuries in both innings, brought India close to victory in a challenging chase of 364 runs. Despite falling short, Kohli's leadership and determination left a lasting impression.

5- 149 (225) vs England, 2018: Kohli's career low point of scoring only 134 runs in 10 innings, including several single-digit scores, 2 ducks, and facing challenges against Jimmy Anderson, was followed by an incredible comeback in the next tour. He scored 593 runs, dominated Anderson, and conquered his inner demons with a gritty 149 in tough conditions. 

Virat Kohli Celebrates hi 149 Runs at Edgbaston vs England

Credit: Wisden


With all his dedication, his will to work hard and come back from all the setbacks, and being the best player on and off the field, King Kohli has cemented himself as the undisputed KING OF CRICKET! The sporting world is always evolving, with so many cricketers coming onto the biggest stage and delivering memorable performances for their teams. Shubman Gill is one such player that people feel will be the successor of King Kohli, just the way Kohli was for The God of Cricket - Sachin Tendulkar. But, with the impact the King Of Cricket has had on the sport, his stats and influence set the bar extremely high and is very high for anyone to match. 

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