Who is the new God of Cricket?

"God of Cricket" is the title only the best of the best players can have. Sachin Tendulkar, after 24 years of service to India, was crowned with this title by 1.4 billion people in India. And anyone who thinks otherwise should read this article about the God of Cricket. But eras come to an end, times change, and there’s always a player who does better than the previous ones. So, let’s see with proper reasons, Who is the New God of Cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar celebrating a 100. He has scored 100 centuries.

Credit: ICC

How can someone be the God Of Cricket?

Cricket in India is no less than a religion, and people start praising any player who does good for the team, be it rescuing a test match from a crunch position or changing the result of a match by showing a masterclass on the field. At the same time, people don’t wait before criticizing a player for their bad performances, and want them removed from the team. This happened with The King of Cricket, Virat Kohli, too, with people saying he was past his best in the last two years when he failed to score runs consistently. 

But the God of Cricket is a title given to the player nobody can ever wish to criticize. If there’s a new god of the sport, he has to have the same influence and status as the current one, Sachin Tendulkar, with more than 34k runs, 100 centuries, and about 24 years of playing career. At the moment, there are very few people that can match his legacy and become the new god of cricket. Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma and Babar Azam can be in the running to get this title. 

Is Virat Kohli the God of Cricket?

Virat Kohli after taking India across the line vs Pakistan in 2022 World Cup

Credit: ICC

Virat Kohli is about 10,000 runs and about 25 centuries short of Sachin’s tally, but he has about 8-9 years of playing time left. He is the only player who can overtake Sachin’s tally and become the new God of Cricket. But the title he owns right now, the King of cricket, suits him perfectly. He plays like he owns the field, like a royal king. So, let’s not include him in this debate. 

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Since King Kohli is on his way to creating his own legacy, to be known as the eternal King of Cricket, let’s see who, between Rohit or Babar is the new God of Cricket:

Rohit Sharma:

Rohit Sharma Clebrate one of his 5 Centuries at the 2019 Cricket World Cup

Credit: ICC

  • Rohit Sharma has been called the “new god of cricket” by some people for his exceptional performances over the years for India. 
  • He has some amazing leadership qualities and the 5 IPL titles he won with Mumbai Indians are a testament to it. He has replaced Virat Kohli as India’s team captain for ODIs and T20Is
  • Rohit Sharma has defined the art of scoring hundreds, and he has a record of hitting 6s in all three formats. He is the only one who scored four centuries in a T20s and three double centuries in the ODIs. His 264 against Sri Lanka in an ODI match in 2014 is still the highest ever score by a batsman in an ODI game and it is unlikely to ever be broken.  
  • He is known for his exquisite timing and his six hitting ability, with records across all formats. 
  • He is the only one who ever came close to Sachin Tendulkar’s record of most runs in a single World Cup edition, by scoring 648 runs in the 2019 World Cup compared to Tendulkar’s 673 in World Cup 2003. Rohit even scored 5 centuries, the highest ever in a single world cup edition. 
  • With so many records and stats backing him, he can truly be considered the face of the sport and also be given the title of the New God of Cricket

Babar Azam:

Babar Azam stiches an innings in the 2022 T20 World Cup

Credit: ICC

  • Babar Azam is the new face of Pakistan Cricket and is one of the greatest batsmen produced in the country. Many people consider him as one of the best batsmen in the world and has also been called the “new god of cricket” by some people.  
  • He is incredibly consistent. In 99 ODI matches, he has smashed 5088 runs, and also 3485 runs in just 104 T20I matches. 
  • He has surpassed Virat Kohli and Hashim Amla to achieve multiple feats in ODIs. He became the fastest player to score 5000 runs in ODI cricket, breaking the previous record held by Hashim Amla. 
  • He has a great technique. Azam’s technique is flawless, and he can play shots all around the ground. His strike rate of 130.11 in T20Is and 88.98 in ODIs is a testament to his shot playing ability. 
  • He is a great captain and has led Pakistan to victories in several matches and series, by leading the team by example. He has the self-belief of a champion. Azam’s mindset is what separates him from other players. He is confident in his abilities and knows how to handle pressure. 
  • Babar Azam is surely one of Pakistan’s greatest players ever, and with so many records many people in Pakistan consider him the New God of Cricket. 

Note: The Stats are as on 7th May, 2023. 

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Despite the fact that many people may think there should be a new cricket god, it's important to realise that Sachin Tendulkar's legacy as the Ultimate God will last forever and that there is a very slim chance that anyone will ever be able to dethrone him. So, celebrate each player for who they are, and keep enjoying the game without making any comparisons. 

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