BOX CRICKET: A Guide through India's Desi Sporting Culture

If someone ever asked you what your favorite sport is, most of you would say cricket. This sport, for us, is an emotion; from supporting our national team on the biggest of stages to supporting our favorite IPL team to being the best player of our team or the area, there's pride in everything we do relate to this sport. And why not? We have been playing this sport all our lives. Box cricket is what we all grew up playing as kids. It brings back fond memories of playing in the gullies, on the terrace, or in any other tiny place. We started playing with whichever object we found, be it a broom, a long stick, or anything else available to us, without caring about anything. This popularity transcends boundaries, even in the most modest of settings, in the smallest of places, using basic equipment like plastic bats and balls, tennis, and rubber balls. By modifying the rules, we found a way to enjoy the game's thrill and happiness. A popular activity in our society creates a sense of community by bringing individuals together who share a common passion. This love for the game gives us players who make us proud on the international stage!

People playing cricket in the streets

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The Spirit of Gully Cricket

Gully or street cricket was played without any rules at first, as kids who owned the bat batted first, and if the ball was lost, the game got over. But as we grew up, we added rules to change the dynamism of the games, which we call box cricket in modern times. The matches are at most 15-20 minutes long but are fully packed with action and adrenaline. These games were played more for fun than for winning. Because they are played in tight places, there is always a fear of breaking someone's glass window. And whenever something like this happened, we would all run away, hide, and not play at the same place for some time. Box cricket rules were made keeping in mind all the conditions around. The rules had to be modified in such a way that there was no risk; therefore, no sixes were allowed. Also, bowlers got to bowl a mini over (three balls an over) to gain a strategic advantage, making the game more exciting. There were many such rules that we created and modified according to the place where we played, which made everything even more fun. This is where we all got the funny nicknames, sparked proper interest, developed passion and love for this sport, and dreamed of playing on the biggest stage.

The rise of playing on the turf:

People playing cricket in the turfs

Nowadays, going to turfs to play has become very popular all over India. Playing on the turf still has all the elements of street cricket, with similar rules, but a lot more liberty to play freely for both batsmen and bowlers. The synthetic grass turf is covered on all sides with a net, so there's no risk of hitting the ball out of bounds. It is a very tight game and is played a bit more seriously than playing in the streets, but it still retains the fun and liveliness of the game. The popularity of playing on the turf has given rise to many tournaments.

The Rising Popularity:

The short and fast-paced characteristics of these formats have made it very exciting for people to watch them on YouTube and Instagram. Combined with the unique commentary, these videos are certain to be engaging and funny at the same time. It has become a popular form of entertainment all over India, and many tournaments are organized. Box Cricket leagues are mostly played on turf but keep the original essence of the game alive, with rules like slow bowling and playing with soft tennis balls. Massive runs with many boundaries are scored in such tournaments, making it very entertaining for the viewers. A large number of players register for Tennis Cricket tournaments, with multiple sponsors and a massive audience. Huge prize money for these tournaments encourages players to train better to win these tournaments. The bats used here must be lightweight, made from stronger but lighter materials, and designed to allow more control and manoeuvrability

The Necessity of Proper Equipment:

The bats need to have stronger bottoms and a well-engineered sweetspot so that you can hit shots and play those tap shots to defend against a yorker. Investing in a good bat can help take you and your team's game to the next level. If you are looking for bats that can help level up your game and enhance your confidence to hit big sixes, ZAP might have the perfect range of bats for you and your team. And for the bowlers, ZAP has the ideal tennis balls that can give you the turn and bounce that will help you dominate batsmen every time. A batsman using a ZAP Tennis Cricket bat & facing off a bowler with a ZAP Tennis ball makes for one epic match. 

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Sports have now become very commercially competitive, involving a lot of money. But, just like people who keep the Desi love for the sport alive, ZAP's goal is to smash through drawbacks and help every such player be a champion on the field. Every piece of equipment from ZAP is designed with perfection in mind to improve your abilities and provide you with all the confidence needed to do wonders on the field. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, ZAP has the gear you need to achieve all your goals. Be a part of the ZAP family, say "Chain Kuli Ki Main Kuli," and DOMINATE THE GAME!

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