ZAP Matrix Croc Scaled Cricket Bat Grip

ZAP Matrix Croc Scaled Cricket Bat Grip

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Crocodile Scale Pattern Bat Grip

The grip is your cricket bat's biggest companion. IT adds control, comfort and style to your cricket bat. The ZAP Matrix Croc Scaled Cricket Bat Grip offers just that,  comfort, control, and stability. Designed with accuracy to closely match your palm's natural fibres, this grip provides an extraordinarily secure and non-slip hold. Not only this, they perfectly complement your cricket gloves to add an even stronger hold. 
You'll get an unmatched control over your swing and delicacy in your shots with the ZAP Matrix Croc Scaled Grip. Choose from Red, Black, or White, three classy shades that perfectly match any bat sticker and add a dash of flare to your hitting prowess. The new ZAP Matrix Croc Scaled Cricket Bat Grip, the ideal partner for your bat, will help you improve your performance.

Detailed Features

  • Anti Slippage Scaled Pattern
  • Snug Fit hold on to all bat handles perfectly
  • Designed with ergonomic comfort properties
  • Built to last
  • Premium Soft, non-toxic rubber provides great grip control
  • Made for professional use

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