ZAP Anti Scuff Sheet for Cricket Bat

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Premium-quality manufactured ZAP Scuff Sheet provides an extra layer of protection for your bat. Some heavy-hitting innings may cause frontal damage to your cricket bat, but that is no reason to worry if you have these sheets applied on. Not only does it keep the face of the bat protected but also gives a brand new look.

The edges are often prone to damage from mistimed cross-batted shots. ZAP Scuff Sheet happens to save the day by giving ulterior protection. Only true cricket fans know that Scuff Sheets are the most underrated part of the game, and they also know that we are the best in that regard.

Detailed Features

  • Transparent and clear bat fibreglass sheet
  • Very thin non-adhesive masking film
  • Acrylic-based pressure-sensitive adhesive layer
  • Easily removable so that you can take care of your bat offseason
  • Longer lasting material
  • Maintains bat's flow and balance
  • Protects your cricket bat from any moisture or crack
  • Durable and Scratch-proof surface
  • Unfolded Straight Sheet (350x160mm)
  • Self-adhesive

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