ZAP Club Wicket Keeping Gloves

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The stunning new ZAP Club Wicket Keeping Gloves will make standing behind the stumps a stroll for club cricketers everywhere. 

These gloves are made from significantly lightweight PU material that provides a soft and flexible fit.

With a traditional ping pong style of grip, they are ready to become an instant favourite of any seasoned wicketkeeper. 

A wide T-shaped webbing will provide you with that extra bit of reach required to complete those full-length catches, while a square-shaped cuff with vapor foam padding will protect you from nasty bruises on the wrist.

These gloves also come with a leather palm and a finger cut design to provide additional comfort and feel, which helps you to convert those half-chances into a wicket-taking opportunity.

Detailed Features

  • Premium-Grade rubber material for the best grip
  • Leather Palm for comfort, feel, and durability
  • Non-toxic rubber thimbles for finger protection
  • Lightweight PU material for smooth hand motion
  • Ping Pong style grip for quicker readjustment
  • Square shaped cuff for wrist protection
  • T-shaped webbing for extra reach

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