ZAP Combat Cricket Batting Gloves

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Cricket is a battleground where compromises dont exist; you either go big, or go home. So arm yourself with a battle-ready grip and armour like protection with the ZAP Combat Batting Gloves and emerge as the undisputed champion. Enchanted with Iron Protect technology, these gloves protect you against any blows to your fingers. The new ultrafoam cushioning not only safeguards your hand but also provides a cloud comfort feel. 

The ergonomic design gives a snug fit and allows your fingers to move naturally. The Premium Leather Palm provides you with a magician control of the bat for those long-lasting innings. 

Get ready to dominate bowlers by Combating all setbacks in style with the ZAP Combat Batting Gloves.

Detailed Features

  • The shield impact bar provides exceptional protection to all fingers
  • Dual-Layer Ventilation to keep your hands cool and dry. 
  • Advanced Impact Shielding absorb the shock from fast deliveries. 
  • QuickRelease Velcro Closure makes it easy to put the gloves on and off
  • BioFlex Thumb Design for easy movement of the thumb 
  • ZAP Armour and Iron Protect technology for impact protection
  • The SecureWrist Support System provides extra wrist support for that fancy wrist work. 
  • Supernova Stitching defies wear and tear and makes the gloves last for multiple cricket seasons.

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