ZAP Glaze Scoop Tennis Cricket Bat

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The Gold that protects

ZAP introduces you to its most prolific tennis cricket bat GLAZE. The bat uses a neoteric 5-scoop design for improved aerodynamics and balanced weight distribution. We bring you the revolutionary gold waterproof coating that immunes the bat against wet tennis balls and moisture in the air. Crafted explicitly for risk-taking and attacking style of gameplay, this bat is perfect for both soft as well as hard tennis balls. You will be confident while playing that lofted stroke. Golden shade and lustrous shine not only resonate with your dynamic gameplay but provides much needed strength against all kind of tennis ball deliveries. It comes in handy with a sleek 3d sticker design, using advanced additive manufacturing technology.

ZAP Glaze resembles passion at its core, we stand with the passion that you kept thriving within yourself.

Detailed Features

  • Top grade kashmir willow soft tennis bat
  • Massive concave edges for enhanced impact generation
  • Comes with revolutionary Gold Coating for water damage prevention
  • Unbreakable toe guard so that you bat never breaks from the bottom
  • Extra long blade and width for larger hitting area
  • Clean and flat bat surface for exquisite timing
  • Neoteric 5-scoop design for improved weight distribution
  • The enhanced sweet spot for masterful strokeplay
  • Latest 12-piece cane handle for ultimate shock absorption
  • Embellished 4-scoop design for lightweight and airy pickup
  • Sleeky golden shade with a gleaming shine
  • Handmade by a proficient craftsman from Meerut, India
  • Weight Range:1050 gm to 1150 gm

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