ZAP Glider Cricket Batting Helmet

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ZAP is known for producing high-grade products with zero compromises to your safety, and  ZAP Glider Cricket Helmet is no exception. With an installed high tensile titanium grill it ensures your complete face protection. This helmet goes through an intense testing process and checks all the required boxes.

Along with that, our helmet is designed to provide superior air ventilation. Which is crucial for scoring runs in dry and humid conditions. The grill design also allows superior vision and aids quick shot selection.

Detailed Features

  • Foam temple guard shock absorbers for increased protection against blows to the head
  • High tensile titanium grill for frontal protection
  • Large vent space for heat dissipation
  • Premium Quality Polycarbonate material for impact resistance
  • Nylon chin strap prevents the helmet from rolling off
  • Anti-Bacterial surface with high durability for longer shelf life
  • Custom design for universal fit
  • High-quality velcro strap for adjustability

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