ZAP Gun Pro Tactical English Willow Cricket Bat

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Settling for singles when you could be smashing sixes? The ZAP Pro Tactical from our Gun Series is your weapon to take out in matches where your team needs some serious power hitting. Designed for club and pro players, Pro Tactical has a dynamic design ensures every shot is a precision strike. Its balanced weight distribution ensures maximum control, while the sweet spot can smack the fiercest deliveries. The ergonomic cane handle design and a rubber grip, give you the confidence to clear the ropes without breaking a sweat. The Pro Tactical is not just a cricket bat, but a tactical partner that powers you through any situation!


  • Grade 3 AA English Willow upgraded performance.
  • Well defined central sweet spot ensures power and precision in every hit
  • Well defined grains indicating a denser willow for better durability and power
  • Optimal concaving allows a lighter pickup without sacrificing power
  • Balanced optimal weight distribution ranging from 1100 gm to 1195 gm.
  • Lightweight Virat Kohli Duckbilled Bottom toe for power and durability
  • Seamlessly balanced for adaptable gameplay
  • Ergonomic grip and cane handle design for a comfortable controlled swings

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