ZAP Instinct Cricket Batting Pad

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Made for the top level of the game, the ZAP Instinct Batting pad is supremely lightweight and stuffed with high-density foam, which enables you to move swiftly at the crease.

The HDF and Cane rod design guarantees you incredible protection against some lethal fast pace bowling. This also gives you remarkable confidence at the wicket and confines your focus only on the batting.

The pad comes with a poly armour cup for quickly diffusing blows on the knee area. Plus, the ergonomic knee cup design compliments your idiosyncratic stroke play and allows you to get on your front or back foot rapidly.

The straps are padded and made from premium quality material which gives you convenient adjustability and bids adieu to those strap rashes.

Detailed Features

  • High-density cushion foaming to diffuse strong impact
  • Vapor foam bolster with Cane rods for supreme protection
  • Lightweight structure aids rapid crease movement
  • Imported Levnon instep with hard-wearing piping to ensure shin safety
  • Extra hard gel tech substance which absorbs high shock and provides better knee protection
  • Padded Strap design for additional comfort and convenient fitting
  • Ergonomic knee cup design to compliment your unorthodox stroke play
  • Integral Instep for ankle protection
  • Additional Wing fold coverage on the side of the pads

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