ZAP Instinct Wicket Keeping Pads

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When it comes to safety and comfort ZAP Wicket Keeping Pads simply stands out. They are a worthy companion for your long and enduring wicket-keeping journey.

The flexible material of the pads allows you to rapidly adjust according to the bowling type. Additionally, next-level comfort design allows for a smooth motion and adaptation.

The lightweight material complements your game and enhances your reflexes. And those solo third man chases are possible to commit and secure with these feather-light designed pads.

The extra padding comfort and ergonomic build allow you to convert those half-chances into a wicket-taking opportunity for your team.

Detailed Features

  • High-density foam is made from top-grade PVC and PU material for maximum protection
  • Lightweight structure to ensure comfort and free motion
  • Premium quality straps to provide high adjustability
  • The interior lining of soft cotton cloth to reduce friction
  • Knee roll padding provides flexibility for rapid adjustment
  • Padded Instep for ankle protection
  • High-grade vertical bolster for shock absorption
  • Water Resistant and hard-wearing piping to prevent damage
  • Tri-panel top hat construction to ensure overall safety

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