ZAP Samurai Cricket Batting Gloves

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Cricket is more than a sport, it’s a battlefield where champions emerge. Crafted for the warriors of the pitch, the ZAP Samurai Cricket Batting Gloves redefine the game with a fusion of tradition and cutting-edge technology.

We have built these pro level cricket gloves to protect and be functional for the batter just like the samurai’s armour. The cushioning on the finger tabs and the lightweight design make it super easy to swing your wooden weapon and decimate the opposition. These gloves are made with premium quality materials that keep your fingers comfortable and away from any harm.

Detailed Features

  • Robust shield impact bar protects fingers against unexpected blows
  • ZAP Breathe Tech ventilation ensures hands stay dry and cool
  • Armour Protect Shielding minimizes stinging vibrations from fast deliveries
  • The split-finger design ensures extra finger flexibility and movement
  • The SecureWrist Support System provides the extra wrist support
  • BioFlex Thumb Design guarantees easy, natural movement of the thumb for better control.
  • Premium Leather Palm offers superior control

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