ZAP Soft Power Scoop Tennis Cricket Bat

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Scoop Tennis Cricket Bat


By scooping out the heaviest part of the bat, the spine wood, we made a lighter, snappier, full-blade power bat-ZAP Soft Power. The bat is designed for diverse formats of cricket, be it box cricket, indoor and outdoor cricket. This bat is perfect for playing with a hard or soft tennis ball for an intense and exciting game. ZAP Soft Power scoop tennis cricket bat is the gold standard for tennis cricket matches. It has a design that encourages risk-taking and dynamic play. It features a newfangled scoop design with four cutouts to have the bat's super reflex swing motion. The spine profile is kept sufficient enough to have a super balance and lightweight offers the lightest of pickup so you can forget about the speed of the ball when you're focused on your next big hit.

Detailed Features

  • Premium Kashmir Willow Soft Tennis Bat
  • Moderated weight for the lightest pickup 
  • Newfangled 4 scoop design for enhanced power, balance, and aerodynamics
  • Extra-long blade & extra width to ensure a wide range of shots
  • Full blade sweet spot offers unrivalled rebound performance
  • Full cane rounded handle construction 
  • Chevron grip optimizes handling feel and improves control 
  • Short Handle
  • Hot iron branding
  • Handmade by a proficient craftsman from Meerut, India
  • Weight Range: 1050 gm to 1150 gm

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