How to become a cricketer?

Starting a career in cricket might seem like a daunting venture, especially if you are new to the game. Many young people who are passionate about cricket cherish their dreams of becoming successful cricketers. Cricket is a game that demands a special mix of abilities, physical health, and mental strength.

Being one of the most well-liked sports on the planet, cricket has a long and rich history and a huge global fan base. It takes a lot of effort, commitment, and determination to become a professional cricket player. Along the route, there are numerous challenges and barriers to overcome. But anyone can realise their dream of being one with the appropriate mindset, a never-give-up spirit and with the perfect guidance and self-belief, everything is possible. Remember, a master was once a student who never feared to try.

The earlier you start playing, the more time you have to hone your skills and improve as a player. There are some crucial factors for developing a good base in cricket. Each of them holds the key to a good start in the game. After all, it is vital to start in the right manner.

1. Developing a passion for the cricket game

Cricketer celebrating after winning a match

There is a reason why cricket is one of the most popular sports on the planet. It is simply the amount of passion displayed by the fans. This mass appreciation for the game fuels the popularity of the sport.

To become good at something, you need to be obsessed with it. This statement is true for all the legends of the game. From Sachin Tendulkar to Virat Kohli, cricket has been their entire life.

Cricket is meant to be enjoyed. The reason that makes it such a different profession is the love for the game. In fact, this should be the foremost reason why you should choose cricket as your career. You can be good at something if you follow the basic rules and practice regularly. However, you can be great at things only when they are your passion. Obsession drives greatness, period.

Therefore, decide whether you are obsessed with the game or not. Because that will count the most in the long run. Once you have made the decision, nothing can stop you.

2. Decide the best part for you

Leaving the dangerous ball pitching outside off stump

If you are serious about making it big in the game, then decide which path is most suitable for you. Identify yourself as a bowler, batsman, or all-rounder.  This preliminary skill selection will assist you in determining which option is best for you.

This preliminary skill selection will assist you in determining which option is best for you. Furthermore, it will allow you to spend more time improving your natural talent. It will be a tough decision to choose your preference, but cricket is a game filled with opportunities. 

Stick with it and work hard after you've found an element of cricket that you enjoy. Determine what you need to achieve in that aspect of the sport and set your sights on accomplishing those goals. Early in their career, someone who has a clear vision of what they want to do is more likely to succeed than someone who is unsure of their path!

4. Watch Cricket

A aspiring cricketer watch cricket and learning the technicalities of the game

If you want to make a mark on the game, then you need to have an obsessive spirit. Watch all the highlights, consume all the information and stay updated with the live-action. This will help you to develop a genuine interest in the game and take the first step towards your cricketing career.

Pick several players and teams to follow if you're new to cricket. Once you've got them, make sure you tune in on a regular basis and immerse yourself in the games. Then, during your practice sessions, try to mimic some of the things you've seen on TV!

Repetition is the mark of a genius. Doing ordinary things with consistency and discipline makes an individual extraordinary. Observing these matches with a keen eye will help you to notice and improve your own techniques. Never underestimate the amount of cricket that you can learn by just watching Giants Play.

4. Buy the best gears

ZAP Cricket equipment lying on the field

Another extremely important factor to jump-start your cricketing career is choosing the best gear. Cricket is a game of fractions and having the best equipment definitely gives you the edge over the game. However, you should keep these steps in mind before buying the right cricket gears

  • Start in the right direction
  • If you are just beginning your cricket career then you should opt for amateur gear. For instance, you can start with a Tennis Ball and a Tennis Bat. After that, you can make progress over time and move on to Kashmir Willow Bats and get your First KitBag.

  • Buy the right size gear
  • Another vital aspect of buying cricket equipment is the size ratio. It is important to make sure that you buy the perfect fitting gear for your game. 

  • Decide your level
  • It is also important to examine your equipment and its capabilities. You need an English Willow Bat and Leather Balls for Club and Professional Level Cricket whereas Kashmir Willow is perfect for your growing phase. Choose what fits your level.

  • Maintain your gears
  • If you do not maintain your gears overtime then your game will eventually suffer. This is why you need to buy the best gears and also give them the best treatment.

    Note: ZAP has a wide range of products for your cricketing needs. Whether you are looking for amateur gear or some professional-level equipment, ZAP has it all covered for you.

    5. Build a body for cricket

    A cricketer running between the wickets

    Sportspersons are one of the fittest individuals on the planet. Their game requires them to stay in shape and consume the best diet. Cricket is no exception.

    Start with regular cardio and then move on to various types of sprinting exercises. This will help you a lot in developing stamina for the game. Good stamina and speed are directly proportional to more singles and doubles for your team.

    You can also try different types of stretching exercises to add flexibility and composure. This can include Hamstring Stretch, quad stretch, glute stretch, and side bend.

    6. The right coaching for your game

    A cricket coaching teaching an academy player how to play a cover drive

    Great cricketers are made by great coaches. Almost all giants of the game had the best guiding mentor in their journey. Someone who can compel you to push your limits and get out of your comfort zone.

    Find the right coach

    Coaches help you to develop the right technique from the very start. They tell you what is good and bad for your game. Oftentimes they are strict, but that is how one breaks through his shell. With the help of a perfect mentorship, you can begin your cricketing journey and scale new heights.

    Developing your technique

    Good cricket batting techniques are crucial for a successful cricket career. Without knowing the right seam position you can't swing a ball. Similarly, you need to make sure to bend your knee while keeping. Moreover, the basics of stance are a must for being a good batsman.

    Learn in complete detail about the various techniques of batting, bowling, fielding, and wicketkeeping by clicking here

    7. Join a cricket club for regular practice

    A young cricketer waiting for the ball to come and preparing his shot.

    In order to start your cricket career on a strong note, you need to practice regularly. The more practice you can get in these initial years, the better! It is the most vital activity that you can do. 

    A cricket club also helps you deal with insecurities before advancing to the pro-level of the game. You can master your weaknesses in a cricket club by constantly working on them. In this way, joining a club will help to boost your confidence. Additionally, a club helps to promote healthy competition through friendly matches. It helps you deal with the pressure that comes with the game.


    Like all other major sports, cricket requires patience and perseverance. It can be a little challenging at the start but once you get the hang of it, things will become smooth. With hard work and persistence, cricket will become your favorite thing to do. Plus, we at ZAP are always there to help you dominate the game.

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