Sir Curtly Ambrose: Master of Pace Bowling

Fast bowling in cricket is about being lethal. It’s about having an intimidating presence on the field and instilling fear in the minds of the batsmen. Fast bowlers are an invaluable asset to every team they play, with their raw pace and deadly accuracy being enough to win matches. And one bowler who in his prime completely embodied all these qualities of a lethal pacer was the West Indian Legend Sir Curtly Ambrose

Sir Curtly Ambrose bowling with his high arm bowling action in a test match against England

Credit: Wisden

In today’s chapter of ZAP Legends, let’s delve deep into Curtly Ambrose’s extraordinary career and know how he became one of cricket’s most legendary figures.

Early Days in the Life of the Legend:

Curtly was born on September 21,1963 and grew up on the small island, Swetes in Antigua in the West Indies. Since his very childhood, he had shown uninterrupted growth in his physical stature and had reached 6 feet at a fairly young age. He had a passion for cricket from a very young age and started honing up skills by playing in local matches on his island and school tournaments. He played for the Swetes cricket club and later because of his talent and skills, he made his way into the Leeward Islands Squad and made waves in regional cricket. Because of his height and stature, he possessed an imposing physical presence that often unsettled the batsmen even before he bowled the ball, and this became his trademark in his path of becoming a fast bowling legend. Ambrose’s performance and exceptional display of commitment earned him a spot in the then prestigious West Indies Team. 

A young Curtly Ambrose

Credit: The Cricket Paper

Rise in International Career:

Curtly donned the maroon cap for the very first time on April 2, 1988 against Pakistan marking his Test debut. He made his ODI debut in the same year a few months later and announced himself on the international stage. He continued to rise and up his performance every game against top teams like Australia, England and South Africa. He was very soon seen as a bowler who wreaked havoc on the opposition batting lineup with his lethal pace, accuracy and ability to extract bounce from any surface. 

Curtly Ambrose's high arm bowling action

Credit: Kyrosports

What made Sir Curtly Ambrose so special and fearsome?

One of the most defining features of Ambrose’s bowling was his high arm bowling action. Curtly Ambrose’s height was 6 feet 7 inches, which allowed him to generate tremendous leverage sending down the leather balls like a thunderbolt. Along with his pace and precision, he had an uncanny ability to swing and seam the ball in both directions. It would have been a nightmare for batsmen to face him. Along with the bowling attributes, he had a intimidating look to his face with a quirky hairstyle and never backed down from staring at a batsman and terrifying his soul. His on field confrontations and banter with Australian greats like Allan Border and Steve Waugh are etched in cricketing folklore. 

Sir Curtly Ambrose with Sir Courtney Walsh

Credit: Wisden

His partnership with Sir Courtney Walsh was a sight to behold for all viewers who just want to see fast bowling at its finest. The duo combined their contemplating styles into one and demolished batting lineups. Together, they formed one of the most lethal bowling duos in the history of the game. Their contrasting styles and mutual understanding resulted in numerous victories for the West Indies, and their combined tally of wickets remains among the highest in cricketing history. Curtly’s ability to give the batsmen a scent of the leather and bowling the pinpoint toe-crushing yorkers further added to his repertoire, making him a complete fast bowler.

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Memorable Performances and Records

Throughout his illustrious career, Curtly Ambrose unleashed devastating spells that decimated batting lineups. Let's take a closer look at some of his most memorable performances:

Masterclass in Perth, 1993

In the first Test of the 1992-93 series against Australia in Perth, Ambrose delivered a spellbinding performance, taking 7 wickets for just 1 run. His fiery pace and precision dismantled the Australian batting order, earning him a place in cricketing folklore.

Demolishing England in Barbados, 1990

Sir Curtly Ambrose bowls a batsman and celebrates vs England

Credit: The Cricket Monthly

During the fourth Test of the 1989-90 England tour of the West Indies, Ambrose wreaked havoc at Kensington Oval in Barbados. He obliterated the English batting lineup with a breathtaking spell of 8 wickets for just 45 runs, leading the West Indies to a resounding victory.

Dominating South Africa in Bridgetown, 1992

In a gripping encounter against South Africa in 1992, Ambrose unleashed his fury at Kensington Oval in Bridgetown, Barbados. His hostile bowling display resulted in a remarkable match haul of 11 wickets for 84 runs. His unstoppable force led the West Indies to a comprehensive victory.

Wreaking Havoc in Trinidad, 1994

During the third Test of the 1993-94 England tour of the West Indies, Ambrose produced another awe-inspiring performance in Port of Spain, Trinidad. He carved through the English batting lineup, scalping 6 wickets for a mere 24 runs. His remarkable accuracy and ability to generate movement off the pitch left the English batsmen bewildered.

Curtly Ambrose Career highlights and records:

Sir Curtly Ambrose celebrates a wicket vs Australia

Credit: India Today

The stats, highlights and records that Sir Curtly Ambrose hold are a testament of how great of a bowler he was and could potentially be a shout for him being the GOAT of Fast bowling in cricket. Here are some of his career highlights:

  • He is the only bowler to have played more than 25 tests and to never have conceded a six
  • He claimed an incredible 405 wickets in just 98 Test matches, finishing with an impressive average of 20.99 runs per wicket.
  • He is only the third ever West Indian to ever hit the milestone of 400 Test Wickets, which he did in a test match against England. 

The Legacy and Impact:

West Indies had given birth to numerous legendary fast bowlers, but Curtly Ambrose had a special impact on his national team. He is looked upon by many young Caribbean bowlers as a primary source of inspiration and will go down as one of the greatest west indies bowlers. After his retirement, he moved on to the coaching and mentoring role for the west indies national team and groomed several pacers and guided them towards success. In 2011, he was inducted into the prestigious International Cricket Council (ICC) Hall of Fame, cementing his status as one of the all-time greats of the game. He was knighted in 2014 which earned him the title 'Sir' and that’s how we remember him as Sir Curtly Ambrose. 


Curtly Ambrose's with his imposing presence, unmatched abilities, and unwavering will, has etched a place for himself in cricketing history. He is a true West Indian cricket icon due to his dominance, match-winning spells, and long-lasting effects on the sport. He is sure to be  an inspiration for the future generations of fast bowlers. 

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