Grade 1 English Willow Cricket Bats: Best of the Best

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1 product

Player Edition Cricket Bat

ZAP Player Edition Cricket Bat is made from Grade 1 english willow, the same willow that is used for competitive matches. You will be astounded by how well these bats perform because they were made to perform unlike any other bat on the field.

A Grade 1 blade has the finest qualities and will perform at its peak. These bats are made of willow of the highest grade, with primarily straight grains and little or no natural flaws. These bats can be thicker and more powerful because they are typically lightweight. There shall be a minimum of 6 visible grains and a straight grain on the face. This willow has a spotless playing surface.

Each of our bats is individually created by trained craftsmen using age-old methods to ensure the highest possible levels of quality. We take great effort to guarantee that every bat fulfils our strict quality requirements, from the willow selection to the final shaping and finishing.

With our grade 1 english willow cricket bats, develop your batting abilities. Discover the impact that high-quality equipment can make by shopping today. Buy Player Edition Cricket Bats from ZAP and play at your very best. 

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