Fastest Balls in IPL History: Speed Unleashed

T20 cricket is evolving at a faster pace, and every day we see some of records being broken. It is the fastest and least time consuming format with the greatest fan base, so a majority of both, the spectators and the broadcasters prefer T20 over other formats of the game. And what makes this cricket format so exciting is the incredible battle between the bat and the ball. Batters trying to hit every ball out of the park while bowlers trying to outsmart them with their pace, swing or spin. In this battle, we’ve seen batters dominate more, but now with the new crop of bowlers, especially the extreme fast bowlers, and the inclusion of the two bouncers in an over rule in the IPL, bowlers can have the upper hand against the batters. And this rule especially helps the faster bowlers in the IPL. They can pelt the batsmen with their deliveries. 

But there have been some bowlers already who have made even the best of batsmen feel uncomfortable with their fastest balls in the IPL. In this article by ZAP, let’s look at the bowlers with the fastest deliveries in IPL history. 

Top 10 fastest balls in IPL history:



Speed (kmph)




Shaun Tait



Delhi Daredevils


Gerald Coetzee



Rajasthan Royals


Lockie Ferguson



Rajasthan Royals


Umran Malik



Sunrisers Hyderabad


Mayank Yadav



Royal Challengers Bengaluru


Anrich Nortje



Rajasthan Royals


Umran Malik



Delhi Capitals


Mayank Yadav



Punjab Kings


Anrich Nortje



Rajasthan Royals


Umran Malik



Delhi Capitals

Shaun Tait 157.71 kmph - fastest ball in IPL history

Shaun Tait bowling in the IPL
Credit: ESPN Cricinfo

The record of fastest ball in IPL is held by Shaun Tait, who bowled a delivery of 157.7 kmph in 2011 in a match against Delhi Daredevils. He was playing for Rajasthan Royals then. 13 year later, he still holds the record of fastest delivery in IPL history. 

Tait played his international cricket representing Australia and hence all his aggression flew in his blood. He was fierce and mighty and always created fear in the minds of batter.

Gerald Coetzee 157.4 kmph: Fastest Delivery in IPL 2024

Gerald Coetzee celebrating a wicket

Credit: ESPN Cricinfo

Gerald Coetzee, the new Mumbai Indians pacer, is next on this list after Shaun Tain, with a delivery at 157.4 kmph in 2024 in a match against Rajasthan Royals. Coetzee recently got a lot of attention after his brilliant 2023 ICC ODI World Cup Trophy and was one of the best performers for South Africa.

Lockie Ferguson 157.3 kmph: fastest ball in IPL 2022

Lockie Ferguson Bowling in an IPL match

Credit: The National

During the IPL 2022 season, Lockie Ferguson showcased his fast bowling ability by delivering the fastest ball of the IPL 2022. Playing for the Gujarat Titans IPL Team against the Rajstan Royals in the 2022 IPL final, he clocked in at 157.3 kmph earning him the title of the fastest bowler in IPL that season.

Though Ferguson isn’t very tall, his main strength is his muscular build, smooth run up and his sling arm bowling action which helps him touch extreme speeds. He has also been a premier bowler for New Zealand side and plays a key role in dominating the game in crucial matches. 

Umran Malik 157.0 kmph: Fastest Ball in IPL by an Indian

Umran Malik celebrates a wicket


Later in 2022, Umran Malik became the first Indian to register his name in the list of fastest delivery in IPL. He was playing for Sunrisers Hyderabad when he clocked 157.0 kmph. He holds the record of bowling fastest delivery in IPL 2022. Malik’s secret to bowling fast deliveries is his muscle explosiveness. He is not very tall, but the power with which he explodes is his primary strength.

Mayank Yadav 156.7 kmph: 5th Fastest Delivery in IPL history

Mayank Yadav bowling in the IPL
Credit: India Today

In 2024, Mayank Yadav took the baton from Umran Malik and Became second Indian to register his name in the fastest delivery in IPL in a particular season. Yadav’s plus point is that he can generate swing along with pace and bounce.

Anrich Nortje 156.22 kmph: 

It shall be noted that though not in the top 5, Anrich Nortje has always consistently bowled at a lethal pace. His quickest delivery in the IPL was 156.22 kmph which he bowled in 2020 against Jos Buttler from Rajasthan Royals.

Anrich’s specialty is that he is tall and flexible. His height gives him the ability to generate extra bounce since the release point is much higher than that of any other bowler.

How to Bowl Fast and increase your Bowling Speed: Tips and Techniques

How to Bowl Fast in Cricket:

The essence of fast bowling is speed and aggression. Watching pacers like Mitchell Johnson, Shoaib Akhtar, Shaun Tait and Mitchell Starc who haunted batsmen with sheer pace is extremely pleasing to the eye. Pace can help you pick up wickets, save runs, and put pressure onto the batsmen in any part of the match, be it with the new ball in and ODI or T20 game, or in the death overs. Superfast bouncers, toe crushing yorkers and those zapping length deliveries are a true test of the batsman’s mettle. Here’s how you can increase your speed speed in cricket:

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Develop an Effective and Consistent Run Up:

  • Your run-up generates momentum for your delivery, so focus on a balanced and rhythmic approach.
  • Find a comfortable run-up length that allows you to build sufficient momentum without exhausting yourself.
  • Practice your run-up to make it consistent and avoid hesitations that can hinder your speed.

Brace Your Front Leg at the time of release:

  • Ensure your front leg is straight (braced) at the point of release to act as a pivot point.
  • A braced front leg helps in generating power by quickly decelerating the lower body, propelling the upper body forward.

Make Use of Your Front Arm:

  • Use your front arm effectively as a lever to pull your upper body through the bowling action.
  • Delay pulling your front arm down to synchronize it with the rotation of your bowling arm, maximizing the energy transfer.

Align Your Body:

  • Keep your hips and shoulders in line during your delivery, regardless of whether you have a front-on or side-on bowling action
  • Proper alignment ensures the energy built up during your run-up is effectively transferred, reducing the risk of injuries. 

Follow Through and Drive the Hips:

  • Having a good follow through is a must for a perfect technique and an injury free career. A follow-through is a continuation of your run-up. 
  • Rather than standing still, keep up with your motion and run 4-5 steps more down the wicket, towards the batsmen. 
  • A smooth follow-through releases the stress and helps you gain momentum behind the ball.
  • Most fast bowling-related injuries can happen in this phase. A sudden or abrupt stoppage in motion can lead to a ligament or muscle-related injury. Therefore, it's quite important to have a relaxed and momentum-rich follow-through.

Biomechanics involved in Fast Bowling:

Earlier, extreme fast bowling was only limited to Australians and Pakistanis. Australians had specialized coaches primarily focused on pace bowling. Pakistanis has always had a culture of pace bowling and they produced some extraordinary talents like Shoaib Akhtar, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Imran Khan, etc.

India, on the other hand didn’t produce bowlers who could bowl at extreme pace. This could be due to the lack of coaching or because of the Indian conditions, which suited swing bowling and spin bowling more. But now, as cricket is evolving globally and franchise cricket is at an all-time high popularity in India, extreme fast bowling is also becoming very approachable within the country as well. Earlier, lack of knowledge was a major drawback for Indians, but now, due to the circulation of proper knowledge, India is able to produce quality pacers.

It is also important to understand that bowling pace is one of the toughest jobs in cricket. It is hectic and demands hours of hard work. It involves a lot of technicalities, and it is even considered that fast bowlers are born, they can not be made. Body alignment, smooth run-up are a few of the many things required to become a good pacer. Also, to excel, players need to maintain a good balance between weight training and speed work on the ground. They need to follow a strict diet plan that includes all the micro and macro nutrients. Along with that, equal emphasis should be laid on recovery, that should include deep tissue releases, ice baths, etc.


Who bowled the Fastest Ball in IPL 2022?

Lockie Ferguson delivered the quickest ball of 2022 in the IPL final against the Rajasthan Royals.

Who bowled the Fastest Ball in IPL 2021?

Umran Malik bowled the fastest delivery in IPL 2021 at 152.95. He was brought in as a replacement for the injured T. Natarajan and started dominating the game from his very first delivery.

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