How to put a grip on a cricket bat?

A good bat grip often becomes the deciding factor in crucial batting knocks. The importance of a perfect fitting grip cannot be understated. From the quality of the material to the level of comfort, everything about a grip should be pitch-perfect.

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We do know the importance of a good grip. But, how to apply one properly over the handle could be a tricky task. Even if you are a professional, putting a grip can become a messy situation in the absence of the right equipment or knowledge. Therefore, follow this step by step guide to smoothly carry out the process.
You can apply the Cricket Bat Handle Grip by using a Bat Cone
A bat cone is used for applying the bat grip in an optimum manner. It makes the process easy and quite efficient to carry out.
Following are the steps to complete the process:
1. Simply cut off your bat's old and worn-out grip. Then pull it out over the top handle of the bat.
Cutting A Cricket Bat Grip with scissors
Step 1
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2. Grip the Cone: Take the rubber grip and roll it from the logo side until it reaches halfway over the cone.
3. Rerolling: Roll back and remove the half-rolled grip from the cone. Now reroll the complete grip from another side in the same manner.
Rolling a cricket bat grip on a grip cone
Step 2 & 3
4. Continue the rolling process until the grip reaches upwards and leaves only a minute section of unrolled grip.
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5. Taking off: The rubber grip will appear like a doughnut around the cone. Simply, roll the doughnut out of the cone.
A completely rolled cricket bat grip on a bat cone
Step 5
6. Carefully flip the grip and place it back on the cone. This step is crucial for completing the process successfully.
7. Handle roll: Hold the bat strongly over the surface in a straight fashion (handle facing up). Keep the doughnut at top of the handle and calmly roll (maintaining the doughnut shape) it to the handle's landing zone.
Rolling a Cricket Bat Grip from the grip cone to the cricket bat handle
Step 7
8. The undo: Once you reach the landing zone, roll the complete grip from the top. 
Finally setting the cricket bat grip perfectly on the handle
Step 8
9. Use a resin fibre tape (or electrical tape) to hold down the grip and at the bat shoulder. You are all set to play after wrapping the tape multiple times.
    Applying a tape to a the bat grip to keep it in place
    Step 9
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    • Keep the cone on a solid surface while gripping.
    • Stretch the grip to fit properly down the landing zone.
    Now that you're done learning about how to put grip on a cricket bat, let's learn about cricket batting tips and techniques and take your game to the next level. 

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