Becoming a Champion Batsman: Right mindset while Batting

We often hear senior cricketers referring to the mental side of cricket. They constantly emphasise the right mindset that is needed for sustaining at the highest level. It is the mindset of an individual player that separates him from the crowd and makes them extraordinary. After all, every player knows how to hit a cover drive, but it’s the mental aspect of an individual that helps him/her implement the shot in the correct manner. 

For a long time, enough emphasis was not given on the mental aspect of the game, but now, as cricket has evolved, a lot of former players too have started talking about the right mindset while batting. Now the question arises, what exactly is the right mindset for a batter? 

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In this article by ZAP, let’s find out the right mindset a batsman needs while batting. 

Batting with Confidence

Confidence is a belief in one’s ability. It doesn’t come overnight; it comes through practice, failing and then learning from it. Failing is part of the journey, and one should not shy away from that.

A lot of young players complain that they do not feel confident enough after going through a bad run of form. A simple trick for them is to make their practice more constructive and match specific. The more they’ll be within a familiar scenario, the better they’ll feel about their ability. An under confident batter can never be an asset to the team. 

But, if you have a ZAP Cricket Bat in hand, your confidence to dominate the game will always be high. 

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Staying in the Present

If a batter is not focusing on what’s going on the field, they might not be able to perform at their best, hence, staying in the present is very essential. It is important to face every leather ball bowled at them to its merit. Thinking about the previous deliveries or what cricket shot shey should’ve played on the previous ball can be a distraction, and they can end up losing their wicket. Similarly, a batter should not think of what will happen in the future. A lot of players premeditate a shot, they already plan which shot they will play on the next ball. This is equally dangerous and will have the same consequences. For instance, you might be thinking of playing a lofted shot on the next ball, but the bowler plans to bowl a short pitch delivery. In this case, you might either mistime the shot and lose a scoring opportunity had you played a pull shot on the merit, or you may even throw away your wicket. 

Quick Adaptability

Virat Kohli roars after winning the match for India
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One of the reasons why Virat Kohli is so successful is that he adjusts to the situation very quickly. His records are a testament to that. He has scored massive runs in the subcontinent, England, Australia, and South Africa too. 

The reason why he is so flamboyant in all cricket formats countries across the globe and in every format is because he responds well to the situation. His approach is not rigid. He understands what kind of bowler he is playing, in which areas he can score against that particular bowler, how the pitch is behaving, or the state of play. He plans and moulds his game as per the demands of the situation. Hence, another essential for the right mindset is to be adaptive.

Positive Outlook

Positivity is contagious. One has to be very optimistic about life to be a good player on the pitch. If a team has to chase a target above par, and if they are optimistic about their approach, they will achieve it. 

Positive intent while batting is also important. It basically means that a batter should not be overly defensive; they should hit the ball whenever a bowler delivers a loose ball. Only with a positive intent can a player play dominating cricket. Staying in a cocoon cannot help you perform well on the pitch.

Being Fearless on the Pitch

A Cricket player plays a pull shot with the ZAP Crciket Bat

A batter who doesn't have any fear of failure can excel. Such a batter takes pressure as a privilege and always looks for improvement. They don't waste their energy creating doubts or fears in their own minds. 

However, it cannot be denied that even the greatest players have butterflies before playing the first ball of their innings, but they do not hold the negative thought of failing, rather, they back themselves and even allow themselves to commit mistakes. 

Also, it is important to know the difference between fearless cricket and careless cricket. The batter needs to take responsibility and play carefully. Fearless cricket is the brand of cricket that all the dominant teams play. They go all guns blazing without worrying about the consequences. 

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Focus on team goals rather than individual milestones

Cricket is a team sport, and it is always important to focus on achieving team goals rather than on personal milestones. Individual success takes a back seat whenever a player is within the 22-yard strip. 

If a batter scores a century and the team loses eventually, then it won’t be a successful outing. But on contrary, if a batter just plays a 30-35 run came with a high strike rate and his team wins, it will be considered as a success.

Enjoying the process without caring about results

If a player focuses on results, they will end up burdening themselves with unwanted pressure. So, it is always important to enjoy the process without caring about the results. If a batter thinks of chasing the target and doesn’t focus on the next ball, he’ll end up losing. The process in this scenario should be to play the ball to its merit, and if he does that on every ball, he’ll be punishing the bad deliveries and winning the game for his team. 

Clarity in thoughts

MS Dhoni Running between the wickets
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We have all seen MS Dhoni batting. One of the benefits of his style of playing is that he always has clarity about what he wants to achieve as a player and as a captain. Even as a batter, he had clarity on what were his strong zones and what weren’t. That clarity of his made him the ultimate champion and one of the best leaders in the world. He had clarity about the other players on the team as well, based on which he usually ended up making the right decisions. 

If a batter is confused, he/she will not be making the right decision at the right time. 

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Setting realistic targets

If a batter sets a target to score 45 runs in 5 overs, that will be a realistic target, but if that batter plans to score 100 runs in the same number of overs, it will be unrealistic and hence not achievable. He might end up losing his own wicket while trying to achieve something that’s too superficial. Hence, setting realistic targets is very important. 

Unrealistic targets lead to failure. So in order to be a great batter, the process of goal getting should be realistic.

Right habits on a daily basis, avoid fatigue, and take breaks

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Like skill requires a lot of practice, having the right mindset too requires a lot of practice. It comes from learning only. A player needs to inculcate such practices on a daily basis so that they become the norm and not an added burden. 

It also comes from the right diet and good recovery; the healthier the body is, the healthier the mind will be. Hence, players need to treat their body right. They should have a nutritious diet, they should hydrate themselves and they should take ample recovery so that they can achieve their best version on the ground.

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