How to play the Straight Drive in Cricket perfectly?

Cricket is a batting-intensive sport, and the straight drive is one of the most graceful and potent shots in a batsman's arsenal. You can easily make everyone appreciate your batting just by mastering the stroke, like the God Sachin Tendulkar did throughout his career. Bowlers, fielders and spectators all would be in awe every time he played this shot. In this lesson of ZAP Explains, let's analyse the right technique of how to play it perfectly. 

Sachin Tendulkar strides with his front foot and plays a perfect Straight Drive

Credit: Times of India

What is the straight drive shot in cricket?

Batting requires a combination of a ton of things, the right balance, smooth footwork, accurate timing and precise shot selection to be able to rack up runs quickly. The straight drive is one cricket stroke that effectively combines all three methods to produce an aesthetically pleasing shot. Mastery of this stroke is often associated with top quality bastmanship. This cricket shot is played to full length deliveries, in the line of the stumps and hit straight down the ground. 

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The Importance of this stroke:

Player uses a ZAP Cricket bat to perfectly play the Straight Drive

  • This stroke is one of the main countermeasures to fast bowling in a batter’s arsenal for several reasons. 
  • First, hitting the ball straight down the ground is the safest place to play a shot, because there can be no fielders straight in line with the pitch. 
  • And secondly, it helps batsmen counter swinging deliveries on the stump line by playing with the full face of their bat, reducing the likelihood of edging the ball.

Understanding the technique

To play the drive effectively, a batsman needs to pay attention to several key aspects of their technique.

Grip and stance:

The right grip and stance before playing any cricket shot

  • The success of everything lies in the strength of your foundations. The basic foundation that you need to have a good straight drive is a well-balanced stance and a strong grip. 
  • Hold the bat in a way that the top hand grips the handle of the bat comfortably, while the bottom hand provides it support and control. 
  • Have a balanced stance with the feet shoulder-width apart and the weight evenly distributed.

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Backlift and body position

  • Set your bat in a regulated backlift position and raise it as the bowler runs up to the crease. 
  • The backlift should be straight and heading in the direction of the gully or slip area. Your front shoulder should be pointing at the bowler, and the body stance should be side on. 
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Timing and Balance:

  • Timing your downswing accurately and maintaining your balance after you have middled the ball is essential to play a picture perfect drive. 
  • To achieve this, keep your eyes on the red leather fired by the bowler, judge its line, length and pace accurately. 
  • Move your front foot towards the line and close to the bounce while maintaining balance. 
  • Keep your head stable and eyes on the leather ball.

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Once you’ve understood and practiced the basics, start focusing on executing the shot effectively. Here’s how you do it. 

Footwork and Transfer of Weight:

Batting is like dancing on the pitch, immaculate footwork is necessary to make it elegant. And the shot like the straight drive requires the right footwork. Once you’ve taken the front stride towards the bounce and line of the ball, transfer your weight onto it with, and while keeping your balance and backlift as per the above steps, prepare to play the shot. 

Joe Root playing a perfect Straight Drive
Look and Learn From Joe Root's Transfer of weight and his Front Foot Stride
Credit: Wisden

Batswing and Follow Through:

Following the delivery's path, bring the bat down straight. Don't attempt to strike it hard; instead, time your timing exactly and push the ball down the ground. Watch videos of how effortlessly Sachin Tendulkar used to play this stroke. To try to imitate that, make contact with the ball just in front of the front leg pad to guarantee a clean strike. Have a calm and fluid follow through in the direction of the shot and don't forget to strike your pose after you play the shot!

Middle the Ball

To effortlessly hit the ball for boundaries, play the stroke off the middle or the sweetspot of the bat. Middling gives your shot the explosive power that it needs to run towards the boundary. 

Practicing the Straight Drive:

  • Batting Drills:
  • Batting drills are an effective way to help you gain confidence and prowess over shot, and with this stroke that’s hit like a straight line and arrow there’s multiple ways you can practice and improve. Keep a ball on top of a tee cone and hit it with the right technique and power. Some more drills that you can do are drop ball technique. Ask a friend to drop a ball directly in line with your front foot and play the stroke. 

  • Shadow Practice:
  • Shadow practice is one of the best ways you can master playing a shot. Keep your eyes closed and visualize playing full length deliveries for a straight drive with the perfect technique. This will help you gradually develop confidence in playing the straight Drive. 

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    Common Mistakes To Avoid:

    You can make some very common errors while playing the straight drive, which you must look to solve. Focusing on playing the ball in the direction it is travelling is essential. Try not to play the ball across the line. In most cases, if you miss, the ball will strike your pads and you will be out LBW. Since poor footwork would obstruct the execution of the straight drive, it is essential to practice good footwork and be proactive in responding to the line and length of the delivery. Also, do not rush to play the shot to every full length delivery. Precisely wait for the right delivery to play the shot.

    A West Indies player get out LBW by playing the straight drive wrong
    Credit: The Sun


    The straight drive is a classic cricket shot that requires technique, timing, and precision. By understanding the fundamentals and practicing continuously, you can develop the perfect technique, get control, and play the short perfectly. So practice hard with dedication and leave everyone in awe of your shot playing ability!

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