ZAP Gun Carbine 10000 English Willow Cricket Bat

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What makes a cricket bat that you'd like to take out and smack bowlers left, right and centre?

A Top Quality Willow, A Central sweetspot that constitutes 50-60% of the bat's mass and a slight bowing profile that generates unbelievable power and enhances balance. This is exactly how we've crafted our ZAP Carbine 10000, the ideal English Willow Cricket Bat. The Grade 1 AA English Willow has straight grains also adding extra power and punch. With all these qualities, this cricket bat is for seasoned pros, just looking to add that character in their game that'll help them Dominate the game and reach new heights.


  • Carved from the Premier Grade 2 AA English Willow
  • Vast central sweet spot amplifying the impact of your shots
  • Straight grained dense English willow ensuring powerful strokes
  • 1100 -1200 grams balanced weight distribution
  • Moderate concaving for a light pickup without compromising power
  • Heavy toe and bottom for added durability during aggressive play
  • Slightly bulkier side profile and thick edges to enhance hitting power
  • Thicker round cane handle for better control during power shots
  • Comfortable grip to maintain control in high-intensity situations
  • Powerful punch and balanced pickup for a combination of power and quick shot execution

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