ZAP Alpha Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

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Be An Alpha

Breaking the mould of traditional perceptions, the ZAP Alpha Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat defies all norms. When compared to other Kashmir Willow Cricket Bats, the Alpha takes the lead in quality and performance, standing out as the premier choice for all young superstars. The Alpha implies power and precision and is crafted with meticulous attention to detail with the ultimate Premium Grade 1 AAA Kashmir Willow. Every curve and contour is carefully crafted, so that each stroke with the bat is a masterful display of skill and power. Beyond being a superior piece of equipment, wielding the Alpha guarantees a batsman unparalleled performance and domination on the cricket pitch.

Detailed Features

  • Premium Grade 1 AAA Kashmir Willow
  • Massive edges and exquisite balance for powerful and controlled strokes.
  • Well-balanced profile for excellent pick-up and control
  • Ergonomic contouring and Prominent spine improve maneuverability
  • Well-resonated dynamic sweet spot for consistent and explosive power
  • Spring cane and rounded handle add flexibility and minimize vibrations
  • Advanced grip tech for a secure hold in any condition
  • Flat Toe for added bat bottom strength
  • Sleek pro-grade finish for a sharp and professional look on the field
  • Conform to MCC Law 5 bat regulations
  • Handmade in Meerut, India, by Expert Artisans
  • Weight Range: 1125 gm to 1220 gm

Lightweight Craftsmanship

Massive edges for exceptional Shot Power

Spring Cane Handle for Vibration Dampening

Supreme Grain Structure

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