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Every cricket player's bat is their first love. Looking at it all the time, counting the grains again and again, and shadow practicing endlessly to get the feel that gives us comfort and happiness is what all of us have done with our bats. We all remember holding our bats and sleeping at night because we were so fond of it. Every player is unique, with a different playstyle, a unique ability to play cricket shots, and different strengths and weaknesses on and off the field. We spend countless hours selecting the perfect bat for ourselves because it represents what we do on the field. Our bat becomes an extension of our body and a symbol of our dedication and hard work. 

Do you ever feel the desire to have a bat made just for you, that is one-of-a-kind and always represents you on the field? Well, you finally have the option of building your own bat from scratch. ZAP is here to assist you with creating a unique bat designed just for you, allowing you to always play with confidence and style.

Designing A Custom Cricket Bat:

ZAP makes this process so simple that it only takes 2 minutes for you to design your own bat. The procedure is so easy and fast that creating your own bat only takes two minutes. When making a specifically crafted bat, you get to choose the type of willow, the profile, the size and shape of the handle, and the weight of the bat based on what suits you best. You can create the cricket bat of your dreams with the help of the "Customize Your Bat" feature at ZAP, which makes all these choices incredibly easy for you. 

Let's build a bat for you with ZAP:

Step 1: Get Started

Choose the "Customize your bat" option at, or access the page directly by selecting this link.

Starting your way into customizing your dream bat!

Step 2: Experience the customization

On this page, hit the "Customize yours now" button and get started.

Hit the customize Your Bat Button to get Started! 

Step 3: Choose your willow

Select the grade of English willow that you wish your bat is crafted from. 

Four grades of English willow cricket bats are available for you to choose from, as these are the best grades in which a bat can be made. 

Grade 1 is especially used by professional players who play in big tournaments like the IPL.

Grade 1AAA premium quality English Willow

Grade 1 AAA, is considered the holy grail of willows from which a cricket bat can be made. 

Grade 1AA English Willow. One of the top quality willows 

Grade 1AA, is just minimally lower than Grade 1 AAA but is better than any other grades of English willows.

Grade 2, Premium AAA rated english willow for the best Grade 2 bat
Grade 2 AAA is the best grade 2 willow, comes at a lower price than Grade 1 and is best suited for players transforming from intermediate to professionals.
Grade 3, rated AAA, is the best grade 3 English willow available.

Grade 3 AAA is the last willow quality that we offer to customize a bat. Grade 3 willows come at an affordable price and are suited for intermediate players who wish to have a unique bat for themselves.

The AAA rating is exclusively given to willows by ZAP to help our customers select a willow without confusion and for them to easily compare two bats. 

Step 4: Choose the bat profile

Here you get 4 options to choose the profile of the bat that you like. 

ZAP English willow cricket bat with a higher profiles sweet spot.

High Profile Spines are for players who bat at the top of the order and prefer playing on their back foot, playing shots like the square cut, pull shot and others. Sachin Tendulkar was known to use a High Profile bat, which helped him get a better overall balance. 

A middle profile sweet spot bat, which is the best profile for bouncy pitches

Mid to Low Spine with Minimal Concaving has a middle to lower sweet spot and is the most widely used bat profile. If you’re hitting big and play in the middle order, this bat profile is the perfect for your batting style. It is mainly played on pitches that are not very bouncy. 

A low sweetspot bat, best used for hitting the ball far and for low lying pitches

Low Spine, Thick Toe with Small Concaving bat are mainly designed for players in the lower middle order and have sweet spots are the lower ends of the bats. All-rounders on the team's lower and middle orders greatly benefit from the low-profile bat. It is typically used to hit low-lying deliveries for sixes. This is a POWER BAT profile.

A special type of bat profile, famously used by Virat Kohli 

Duck Bill profile bats were made famous by Virat Kohli. It lowers the weight of the bat at the bottom, resulting in a better swing. It has a mid sweet spot and a lighter bottom. If you are someone who relies more on timing and technique, then choose this profile.

NOTE: Concaving is the process of keeping the middle and edges of a  bat large while reducing weight by curving the region between the edge and spine, making it simpler to strike the ball with power. Full forms are flatter and offer more forgiveness for off-center hits.

Step 5: Choose your bat size

Select the size of the bat according to what suits you best. We offer four different size customizations:

Short Handle size are full sized bats used by players around 5’9” - 6' 2” in height. 

Long Handle bats have longer handles than short handle bats and are used by taller players, and are preferable for people taller than 6’2”.

ZAP exclusively brings the Long Blade size for players taller than 6’2”. 

Long blade bats have the same size handle as short handle bats, but the bat blade is about half an inch longer. 

Harrow size is usually for players around 5’6” to 5’9” in height. 

Choosing the best bat size that suits you is extremely important for a player


Step 6: Select your Handle Shape

The shape of the handle impacts the grip, comfort, and overall feel of the bat. Choose one wisely and according to your comfort.



Round Handle is more suited for players who prefer to play off the back foot or who are strong bottom-hand players.


Oval Handle sits well in your batting gloves and gives off a more direct feeling throughout the shot and twists less as it hits, resulting in less energy being lost.


Semi-Oval handles offer the best of both worlds for the player who prefers to play cross bat shots like the sweep shot while yet maintaining a light grip with the bottom hand.

Step 7: Choose the Edge Thickness

Edge thickness does affect your bat to a certain point. If the bat has a thicker edge, it will also have a larger sweet spot and a larger ideal area where the ball can hit the bat. But, when you middle the ball, this difference will feel minimal or nonexistent. 

Also keep in mind that increasing the thickness will add to the weight of the bat. 

Step 8: Select Your Bat's Toe Shape

The shape of the toes matters, as it can add weight to the bottom of the bat and also impact the balance in both negative and positive ways. 

Round bat bottom makes bats lighter


We see MS Dhoni using his round bottom bat. Dhoni uses a heavy bat, so cutting down on the weight from the bottom helps make the overall feel of the bat lighter.

Straight bat bottoms perfectly balances the bat


Straight Bat toe is used by Virat Kohli with the duckbill profile, which makes the bat perfectly balanced. 

Semi round bat bottoms have the combination of both. round and straight bottoms


Semi round bat toes are not completely straight or completely round. They are made to add balance but also not increase the weight of the bat too much.

Step 9: Choose your Ideal Bat Weight

The weight of the bat is a major factor that can impact your performance with the bat. Heavier bats require more strength to swing. For players who have brute strength and can swing the bat with high force to strike the ball, heavier bats are a good choice. Heavier bats are the choice of big hitters. Chris Gayle and Dhoni use heavier bats.

Players who like timing the ball more and playing free flowing shots like the cover drives and the straight drives should prefer lighter bats, as they are better in balance and have a good pickup. 

NOTE: The edge thickness impacts the weight of the bat. 

Step 10: Make Your Own Mark

We all love personalizing our bats, adding our highest score with a marker or a player’s name or signature is a staple for all players. 

ZAP can add your name or any other thing that you wish to the bat, this will be engraved with a high frequency laser on the bat either in the front or back, or both, as per your choice.

ZAP lets you choose what you want to laser engrave on the bat

In the next steps, you’ll be shown the summary of all your additions along with the total price of the bat. Once, the payment and address information are filled out and confirmed, the bat will move into the production process, where a ZAP’s master craftsmen will make your bat with extreme care and precision. 

ZAP 1 Year Limited Bat Warranty

ZAP also provides you with a 1 year warranty for your bats so that you can play fearlessly on the pitch and This is an excellent value addition to the customer service, as the players can have confidence in the bat they use and know 100% that they are backed by a reputable brand against any defects or damages. 

And Voila!, your bat is ready. Hold tight; it’ll be delivered to you very soon. ZAP wants all our customers to be satisfied with the product they receive, which makes them happy. If you have any problems or inconveniences, we would love to resolve them; just contact us at

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