Exploring the Essentials: What Goes Inside a Cricket Kit Bag?

For any player, the right cricket gear is immense for their growth and development in the sport. The importance of a complete cricket kit is that it provides you with the tools to chase your passion, fulfil your potential, and conquer your goals on the field. But if you’re just a starter, you should initially be looking to get just the gear that is super important to help you sharpen your basics. These essentials will be your companions as you take your first steps towards mastering the game you love.

A Cricket player wearing the entire ZAP Cricket Kit

So, in this article, let’s find out the essentials you need to start with and learn what goes inside a cricket kit bag.

So, what are the items inside your cricket kit bag:

To start off, you first need to define your role as a player. If you’re a batsman, you’ll need to have a proper kit with multiple bats, pairs of gloves and the right batting protection. If you’re a bowler, you will initially not need heavy gear and will only need to focus on getting proper bowling gear, like a set of new balls, shoes, resistant bands, etc. But if you’re a keeper, along with the batting gear and protection, you’ll also need to get a pair of keeping gloves and wicket keeping pads.  

Cricket Bats:

A player batting with the ZAP cricket bat

A professional player usually carries multiple cricket bats for their practice sessions and matches. These bats are of the highest quality, English Willow, which is made for professional use. But at an intermediate level, you can get a lower grade, like Grade 3 and Grade 4 English Willows, to be a part of your cricket kit. For a youngster or a beginner, a high quality Kashmir Willow bat can just do the job. 

Cricket Balls:

A new ZAP Leather Cricket Ball

Cricket balls are an important part of a kit, both for bowlers and batsmen. You need to have a set of both old and new leather balls for your practice. An old leather ball will help you with batting and fielding drills. A new leather ball is for fast bowlers practicing swing bowling techniques

Cricket Gloves:

A Cricke player wearing a ZAP Cricket Batting Gloves

Once again, pro players have multiple pairs of cricket batting gloves in their arsenal. Their gloves are of the highest quality, made from the finest quality leather and cushioning, and the reason behind having so many pairs at one time is that they spend a lot of time wearing them, which makes the leather sweaty and, as a result, smelly. So, they have to recycle between the different pairs they have in their kit bag. 

But, if you get the ZAP Combat, ZAP Samurai or ZAP Hercules Batting Gloves, you'll not face any such problem of sweating. With their Stay Cool Tech, these gloves will keep your hands cool and dry even while wearing them for long test matches. 

But for any other player, having one good pair of gloves in your kit bag is enough to be protected and comfortable. 

Cricket batting pads:

A cricket player protected with the ZAP Instinct Cricket Batting Pads

The cricket batting pads occupy the most space inside a cricket kit bag. Usually, pro players like those who play in the IPL carry around 2 pairs of batting pads. But because these pads are so heavy and bulky, carrying one with you is more than enough. Also, batting pads usually last very long and don’t need to be replaced for a long time. So, try and get a good pair of batting pads that will keep you protected and comfortable for a long time. 

The best option is to get the ZAP Instinct Batting Pads, made with premium quaity materials with uncompromised protection and comfort in mind.

Cricket Helmet and Other Batting Protection:

A Batsman wearing a ZAP Cricket Helmet

Some other equipment that is an important part of your cricket kit bag are a helmet, a thigh pad, and an abdominal guard. Getting a good helmet is super important for any batsman. The helmet will keep you protected against any short pitched deliveries that could potentially hit your head. You’ll also need a helmet if you’re a keeper. 

A Cricket Player wearing the ZAP Royal Crown Double Thigh Pads

A thigh pad is also an important piece of cricket gear, protecting your body over the knees that are not secured by the batting pads. If you’re a right handed batsman, you wear your single thigh pad on your right leg, and if you’re a left hand batter, the case is likewise. But there’s one more type of thigh pad that higher level players usually prefer, which is the double thigh pad. You can secure your double thigh pads on both, your front leg and the back leg. The best double thigh pads you can get are the ZAP Royal Crown, which are also used by many professional players.

The abdominal guard is the single most important piece of equipment every player should have in their cricket kit bag. The abdominal guard keeps you protected against all injuries to your sensitive abdominal region, where getting hit by the hard leather ball can leave you in devastating pain. 

You can also have other additional batting protection like the elbow guard and the chest guard, but a majority of batsmen don’t use them, as it just adds on to the total weight of the gear they’re already wearing. 

Wicket Keeping Equipment:

As we talked earlier, wicket keepers need to have their own special equipment – the wicket keeping pads and wicket keeping gloves. Both the keeping pads and gloves are different in the way they are made and their purpose. Keeping gloves are wider than normal batting gloves and are made with the purpose of making it easy for keepers to grab any difficult catches. The keeping pads differ from batting pads in a way that they are made for extreme agility and comfort, than a lot of focus on protection. 

Other Accessories:

After getting all the essential cricket equipment in your kit bag, there are several other additional accessories and equipment you can carry.

Cricket Shoes:

A lot of players carry their cricket shoes as well. A good pair of shoes is essential for maintaining grip and stability on the pitch. There are two types of shoes, the traditional metal spikes used by higher level players or the rubber studs suited for club players and beginners. The right pair of shoes can enhance a player's performance by providing traction and support while batting, bowling, or fielding. 

Cricket Whites:

Cricket is a sport played during the day, usually under the scorching heat of the sun. Comfortable and breathable clothing is a must-have for any cricketer. Typically, all cricket academies have a common dress code, the cricket whites, which include trousers and shirts, designed to keep players cool and dry throughout the match.

Bat Grips, Scuff Sheet, and Knocking Mallet:

Proper maintenance is key to prolonging the lifespan of your cricket kit. For proper maintenance, you can get accessories like cricket bat grips, a scuff sheet, and a knocking mallet, which will allow you to keep your gear, especially the bat, in prime condition for peak performance on the field.

The Extras:

Beyond the standard equipment, every player has their own set of extras that they like to keep in their kit bag. From towels and water bottles to sunscreen and sunglasses, these small but vital items can make all the difference, especially during long hours out in the sun. There can also be lucky charms or personal mementos that add a touch of individuality and personalisation to your cricket kit bag. 

The Cricket Kit Bag:

To pack all of this equipment, you need a cricket kit bag that suits all your needs. A kit bag should compulsorily have separate pockets for your cricket bat and a large compartment for gear such as the batting pads, gloves, helmet, and thigh pads. Also, you need to get yourself a kit bag that is comfortable to carry around and does not put a lot of strain on your shoulder. You can buy a bag that has wheels so that you can drag it around wherever you go. As you level up your game, the amount of equipment inside your kit bat gets higher, and as a result, you’ll need a larger cricket kit bag with wheels. 

The best cricket kit bag for a young club cricket player is the ZAP Pro Kit Bag enough for a compact kit and the best one for pro players with a massive kit is the ZAP Royal Crown which has enough space for anything you want to pack in.

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